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Online Science Parties made Awesome!

Online Science Parties made Awesome!

Discover how much fun your birthday party can be when we bring whiz-bang science straight into your home! Online science parties are a fantastic way to keep your friends together and celebrate that special day, all under the guidance of experienced scientists from Fizzics’s distance education team.

  • Easy to arrange, using the power of Zoom video conferencing.
  • Safe – your connections are password protected and our presenters have Working with Children with Checks and extensive training on online child safety using digital platforms
  • Fun!  Every kid deserves an awesome party and we know how to make them just that, we’ve been running science parties for over 15 years.

We know what kids love, no matter where they are!

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What happens?

We’ll send you a list of materials that each party guest can have. It’s not necessary to have all of the materials though – we will run every experiment with the kids and make sure that everyone has a chance to see the experiment and ask why it worked. We are very experienced in making remote lessons work for kids of all ages, we’ve running distance lessons like this since 2010.

What is the format?

  1. A fun science show, complete with glow in the dark experiments, colourful flames levitating balls, liquid nitrogen and more.
  2. Guided science workshop with all of the kids. The kids break out their materials to run fun & safe science experiments at a table nearby, all under the guidance of a qualified science presenter and with a little help from an adult. We’ll investigate pen chromatography and the science of bubbles! (Please see the list for more details below)
  3. Finish up with a “Birthday song sing-along with a science-surprise!”

Technical requirements

The kids are having fun from their homes and need a little support from you:

  • Each child will need a computer or tablet connected to the internet.
  • We use Zoom as this works with nearly every device and handles low bandwidth.
  • Full system requirements here for Zoom
  • Each guest should test their Zoom connection here.
  • Once the date & time is arranged we will send you simple connection instructions (one click & you’re in via Zoom!)
  • We can handle up to 30 separate devices connected at once if needed.
  • A date and time you wish to book (please be aware of time zones to Sydney)
  • Let other parents know that they will need to be present to help with setting the other kids up on devices as well as to potentially help them do the science experiments (especially if they are young).

Materials needed for each child

Remember, it’s ok if you can’t source everything!
We will demonstrate every experiment regardless and they will be able to see perfectly well.

  • A table away from your device that is powering the connection.
  • Plate x 1 per child
  • Straw x 1 per child
  • Cup x 1 per child
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Cup of water
  • A baking tray or similar to collect any accidental spills
  • Salt
  • Teaspoon
  • Textas or felt tip pens
  • Sharpie or permanent marker
  • Coffee filter paper or paper towel
  • A towel as a just in case
  • Parent supervision


1 device with the Zoom app downloaded prior to the party (check your system requirements here)

Internet sufficient to run the Zoom app (test your connection to Zoom here)

1 table for your device (you’re welcome to connect it to a TV or larger monitor if you like)

1 table for the equipment listed above

Connect in 10 minutes prior so that we can help you should you need it.

Adult supervision

Child safety is paramount at all times.

This is not something to be left to chance and is a serious part of the design of our online science parties.

Please see our Online Child Protection Policy

Please see our Prevention of abuse client protection policy



-10 devices, $180 inc. GST (1 presenter running science party)

-20 devices, $230 inc. GST (1 presenter running science party and an additional presenter moderating)

-30 devices, $280 inc. GST (1 presenter running science party and an additional presenter moderating)


– 10 devices, $245 inc GST (1 presenter running science party)

– 20 devices, $330 inc GST (1 presenter running science party and an additional presenter moderating)

– 30 devices, $395 inc GST (1 presenter running science party and an additional presenter moderating)

The party will run for 60 minutes
We can’t wait to run this for you!

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