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Prevention of abuse client protection policy

See also our Online Child Protection Policy

Fizzics Education Pty Ltd exists to:

  • Encourage a sense of belonging to the wider community by providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can come to develop their interests and skills.
  • Develop and provide a variety of workshops, shows, classes and activities that enhance scientific literacy and numeracy for people of all ages & backgrounds.


Fizzics Education Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all its Employees, Members, Visitors, Volunteers and particularly to Children, the Aged and Vulnerable People. The Fizzics Education Pty Ltd Client Protection Policy aims to reduce the risk of abuse occurring, and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is taken should abuse occur.

Everyone working at Fizzics Education Pty Ltd is responsible for the care and protection of children, vulnerable and aged attending our activities and reporting information about suspected abuse.


This policy applies to all Employees, Contractors, Members, Class participants and Volunteers within Fizzics Education Pty Ltd or engaged by Fizzics Education Pty Ltd.



The core expectations of any responsible organisation require us to treat all people with fairness and dignity and to care for those who are less powerful and in need of nurture and protection.


All relevant organisations within Australia are bound by Federal and State legislation and principles established through common law. Fizzics Education Pty Ltd is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation.


Some actions may not be regarded as abuse, but are considered unacceptable behaviour for Fizzics Education Pty Ltd. These include:

  • Inappropriate conversation of a sexual nature;
  • Coarse language, especially that of a sexual nature;
  • Suggestive gestures or remarks;
  • Jokes of a sexual nature;
  • Inappropriate touching;
  • Inappropriate literature (e.g. M, MA, R or X rated material used with Elderly or Vulnerable Persons);
  • Recording or filming with or without prior consent;
  • Act of violence committed by an Employee, Leader or Volunteer in the course of an activity;

Fizzics Education Pty Ltd Management will ensure that high standards of conduct are maintained at all times.

Each client of Fizzics Education Pty Ltd has the right:

  • To full and effective use of his or her personal, civil, legal and consumer rights;
  • To select and maintain social and personal relationships with any other person without fear, criticism or restriction;
  • Freedom of Speech;
  • To have access to services and activities which are available generally in the community;
  • To complain

If you would like further information about the way Fizzics Education Pty Ltd manages the Prevention of abuse client protection policy, please contact the Director in writing;

Fizzics Education Pty Ltd
10/55 Fourth Ave
Blacktown NSW
Australia 2147

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