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Christmas Science Show for Vacation Care

Christmas Science Show for Vacation Care

A Christmas Show for Vacation Care!

Kids love Christmas plus they love science… why not combine the two?
Celebrate the end of the year with a fun Christmas show at your vacation care, library or OOSH service!

  • Easy to arrange and presented by qualified educators
  • Fun Christmas-themed experiments designed to engage both kids and visitors
  • Designed for ages 5 to 12 years
  • Highly memorable and unique!

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Are you a Vacation Care Centre?

Every holiday period, Fizzics Education present holiday programs workshops for local council libraries, vacation care centres, OOSHC and at our own venues. These workshops are designed to cater for a wide range of ages, even the adults join in! Book early to avoid disappointment. A school holiday program treat!

To check out our vacation care center science programs...

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Holiday science show demonstrations

Flying Tinsel

It's almost like magic... but it's all about static!

Instant Snow

So fluffy... and we can use it to make water disappear

Boomwhacker Christmas Carols

The science of sound!

Santa's Reindeer Toothpaste

A Christmas version of Elephant's toothpaste

Glowing Christmas Tree

Amazing to see!

Power up the Sleigh!

A dynamo that keep the lights on

Twinkle twinkle red & green stars

Splitting laser light to form beautiful patterns

Vortex ring halos

Make vortex halo rings fly through the room!

Bubbling balloon decorations

Instantly blow up balloons for Christmas

The balancing present

How on Earth can it do that?

Giant bubbles

Just because we can!

Rubens Tube Christmas Carols

Sing along to your favourite songs that are played through fire!

Red & Green Coloured Flames

Flame chromatography with a seasonal twist

Don't set your Christmas tree on fire!

This fireball teaches you why


  • Appropriate for ages 5 to 12 with a maximum of 240 students per science show
  • The show is adjusted when run for younger audiences, concentrating more on light, movement and sound
  • Access to 2 electrical power sockets and 3 tables
  • Chairs are not required
  • Duration 60 minutes, set up time 45 minutes and pack up time 45 minutes
  • Ability to turn off your fire alarms if we are to run the Rubens tube, coloured flames or fireball demonstration
  • *Some science experiments may be varied depending on the age of the attending audience


$660 inc. GST per science show performance (at show capacity this works out at $2.75 inc. GST per student)

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