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Online Holiday Programs for OOSH & Vacation Care

Online Holiday Programs for OOSH & Vacation Care

Live interactive distance programs since 2010!

Join our highly experienced distance education team who know how to make online holiday programs awesome for kids!

  • Live classes – the kids can question & answer our educators and participate in experiments using household materials
  • Upon booking, you will receive a PDF outlining the materials that you can have on hand to make the workshop more interactive. It’s not a problem if you can’t source all of the materials, as we’ll have these on hand for the workshop
  • Full child protections are in place

Based on global best practice & 10 years of experience in distance education

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Technical details needed

  • We usually connect to classes & homes via Zoom, however if you wish to use a different software we can work with you on getting the connection live. Please see our Online Science Classes & Conditions
  • Simply connect your device to a data projector or TV for kids onsite to see the program. We can also cater for kids joining from their home too!

If you connect with us via Zoom

Child safety is paramount at all times.

This is not something to be left to chance and is a serious part of the design of our online science club.

Virtual programs for OOSH, Libraries and Vacation Care

Interactive programs available across Australia

$180 per group of 30 devices

Call 1300 856 828, or use this form to enquire or make a booking for your site.

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