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Chinese student science & technology camp in Sydney

Chinese student science & technology camp in Sydney

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We love running science & technology camps for Chinese students visiting Sydney! The opportunity for Chinese students to visit Australia on a STEM camp is fantastic; not only can students learn about STEM in the Australian context but also the students have the opportunity for cultural exchange as well as immersion in the English language.

Chinese students holding up a yellow sign from Boya Education Group

Recently we ran a Chinese STEM camp for students in collaboration with Airis Education and the Boya International Education Group. Over three days, we worked with students aged 10 to 14 to run a science & technology accelerator designed for students to understand how technology can be applied in their lives as well as how the scientific method works.

A picture collage showing a 3D printer printing out a Australia-shpaed cookie cutter as well as yellow snowmen and several cookie cutters
3D prints created by Chinese students on a STEM camp in Sydney

The three teaching days during the camp were broken up into sections:

A photo collage showing students looking at an Alka Selzer volcano, using tornados in a bottle, a coin spinner, a glowing measuring cylinder under UV light and students standing around a yellow sign noting Boya International Education Group
Hands-on science with students from China on an Australian STEM camp visit

A photo collage showing chinese students running a pen chromatography experiment, a student spinning a plate on a stick and watching a liquid nitrogen demonstration
From demonstrations to guided science experiments, the visiting students had a blast!

Working with small groups of students allowed us to cover a lot of educational content as well as spend time with each student to help them learn more throughout the camp. Translation was not an issue as we were able to team teach with the student’s teachers and accompanying parents to have important concepts and vocabulary translated.

If you’d like to more about these STEM study tours for overseas students please get in touch for more information!
Happy teaching

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