Fizzics wins CILC Pinnacle Award three years running! | Fizzics Education

Fizzics wins CILC Pinnacle Award three years running!

Fizzics wins CILC Pinnacle Award three years running!

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  • Fizzics Education wins a CILC Pinnacle Award again!

The team at Fizzics Education are again proud to announce that we’ve now been fortunate enough to pick up the coveted CILC Pinnacle Award for the third year running! This education award is given annually by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for virtual excursion content providers who have excelled in running distance education classes via video conferences to schools, libraries, retirement homes and more across the globe. We’re very happy to be included amongst these awesome virtual excursion providers!

Who is the CILC?

The Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration was established in 1994 to provide an avenue for schools and more to access a diverse range of over 250 content providers that run live interactive virtual excursions using conferencing technology. The opportunities to reach subject matter experts are immense as live connections can be made with museums, zoos, aquariums, galleries, universities and more with expertise and specialist exhibits that cover all subjects areas from science to art to history, music and more.

Find out more about the CILC in this podcast!


What is a virtual excursion like?

The following is a video taken from when we were running a series of after school science workshops via video conference in collaboration with Sydney Olympic Park Authority, the GWS Giants and Macquarie University. Whilst this was a more elaborate connection between schools, libraries, galleries and the presenters, it does give you a feel for the opportunities that educational video conferencing provides for your students!

We’ve also been running teacher professional development sessions via video conference, a popular and cost effective alternative to traveling to sites for TPL!

Research into Global Best Practice

If you’d like to know more about how this technology can open doors for students, please read my Churchill Fellowship Report into Best Practice in Science Education via Video Conference, a full report that covers

  • what is available
  • what technology do you need
  • …and why it’s worth the effort!


If you’ve never connected your students to a distance education provider, perhaps this year it’s time to give it a go. Please reach out if you’d like to know more information!

Happy teaching,
Ben Newsome.

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