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How to Keep Kids Busy Without Screen Time

How to Keep Kids Busy Without Screen Time

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We all love children and spending time with them. We can see that kids nowadays have become a lot smarter. Maybe the reason is that they have started spending most of their time on phones or television. Children do not play in the streets as much anymore and there’s a lot that they are missing at this age. Some busy parents try to please their kids with the cartoons on their phones so that they can distract their minds. But, it has started to become a matter of concern.

If you also have a similar concern and want to reduce the screen time of your child then, you should start doing some activities with them like an indoor grow tent, reading a book, trying out an indoor tent, playing some board games at home, and many more. Let’s get started by learning some tips about how to keep children busy without phones or TV.

  1.  Arts and Painting
    Painting eggshells with craft paint
    If you want to reduce the screen time of your children then, it is very important that you dig into their creative side. So, allow your children’s imaginations to go beyond by providing them with their favourite paint colours or colouring books. Introducing young ones and toddlers to sensory art is a wonderful first activity.If your child enjoys making things, you can add more materials to the mix and encourage them to create a masterpiece. Overall, artistic activities are a timeless and excellent tech-free approach to delight kids while also eliciting innovation and self-expression in people of all agesArt & STEM activity – standing on eggs!
  2. Gardening and Plants
    Nature is the best thing to keep your children healthy as well as close to the environment. You can teach your kids about how to grow plants and also tell them about the different varieties of trees and flowers. If you want to make your child interested in mother nature then, LED grow lights are some of the best options that you can choose. They will mimic sunlight and help your flowers bloom.In addition, grow tents are the new trends that attract the children to spend their time in a small room like a tent where they can look out their small nursery of plants.

    Tips for creating a STEM garden

    Key skills gardening can teach your kids

  3. Household Work Chores
    Socks on washing linePhoto by Nick Page 

    Encourage your kids to participate in safe kitchen activities such as mixing and peeling fruits and vegetables. You can normally give them a bowl and a spoon, which they can use to imitate your cooking practice. Peeling garlic pods and boiled potatoes is another great pastime. Don’t mind the mess as he enjoys it. You can also make them learn about simple laundry. Allow them to assist you with sorting, stacking, and folding the laundry. It will be clumsy work, but it will keep kids engaged in duties from the start.

  4. Board Games & Puzzles
    Chess piecesPhoto by JESHOOTS.COM 

    Puzzles educate kids’ problem-solving abilities and build brain muscle while also being instructive. It is still one of the greatest ways to reinforce logical and analytical skills, from wooden puzzles for toddlers to more complicated puzzles for kids. As they strive to design the perfect puzzle, puzzles may assist children in developing their intellect.If you want to limit your child’s screen time, puzzles are necessary. There are a variety of board games for various age groups. Monopoly and other board games teach children about strategy and money.

  5. Outdoor Games
    young boy making giant bubbles whilst having a surprised face
    Remember how your parents kept you occupied. You will realize that you used to spend most of the time at some playground or streets. It is one thing that children of the current generation do not have closure of. So, give your youngster a ball and a stick and let him or her loose. Try to encourage them to play with friends outside their homes and make new friends. Surely, their confidence will boost by playing outside. If you’re concerned about their safety, simply keep an eye on them. They’re going to be fine at last.Outdoor activity: Make cube-shaped bubbles

So, these are some of the activities that are going to help your children to take out their time and explore new things. These little chores and games are surely going to impact the children’s mind away from the TV and Phone screens. Now, it’s your turn to try these tips and dig out the creative sides of your kids.

Happy Teaching,

Ambrose Parker

Ambrose Parker

Ambrose is an elementary school teacher who has been teaching kids for the last 10 years. She is a firm believer that the use of technology in teaching can make learning more attractive for students. Her dream of being a teacher began during the early stages of high school.

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