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Printable colouring-in worksheets!

Printable colouring-in worksheets!

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Fun downloadable colouring-in activities for kids whilst at home!

Print these colouring worksheets to keep the kids busy. Just for fun, no pure science needed this time 🙂

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A cartoon line drawing of a child rising a dinosaur whist another child swings on its forearms

Downloadable PDF here

A cartoon line drawing of two kids in the midle of a CSI investigation room. Do Not Cross tape surrounds the kids. One is holding a laptop with a fingerprint whilst looking at a pinboard. The other kids is kneeling and examining something with a magnifying glass

Downloadable PDF here

A cartoon line drawing of a child having slime poured onto him byt two other kids wearing labcoats

Downloadable PDF here

A cartoon line drawing of the Fizzics Education beaker logo

Downloadable PDF here

Don’t have a printer? You can use Microsoft Paint to colour in the PDF on your screen

Want a printable sheet that also does things?

Check out the working hand model science activity here!

The materials seen in the picture are straw, paper,scissors, string and tape.

Online science activities with Fizzics Education!

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I hope that these simple resources not only kick off your kid’s interest in science but also gives them yet another meaningful activity to do at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Mental wellbeing and having a creative outlet is just as important as all the other aspects of education. Have fun!

Happy teaching,

Ben Newsome

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