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Radio profile: science video conference to Unalaska!

Radio profile: science video conference to Unalaska!

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Last month I got the opportunity to again connect with Unalaska library to run a video conference on the science of sound. As usual I had a blast working with the kids, but I got a great surprise to find that it got recorded by local community radio station kucb 89.7fm!

Below is Annie Ropeik’s radio segment in full – please feel free to check out their blog post here too!

Video conferencing offers the opportunity to enrich regional and remote communities throughout the world. If your school or cultural organisation has the bandwidth and the hardware, why not consider running some connections to overseas sites? All you need is to do is to get in contact with a school or library district that uses virtual excursions and simply coordinate time zones using a time and date converter. The local connection time in Sydney was not an issue as the connection was after school hours for the library and this worked out to be 11:00am AEST… much more manageable than the 5:00am connections that sometimes need to happen for sites on the east coast of the USA!

Running programs internationally introduces another dimension to educational outreach and is certainly worthwhile pursuing! Want to find out more about educational video conferencing to your school?
Feel free to drop us a line or check out our video conference science clubs or virtual excursion workshops on how it all works.


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