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Running telescopes in Centennial Parklands

Running telescopes in Centennial Parklands

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Telescopes in Centennial Parklands

Bird watching using telescopes at Centennial Parklands.

January school holidays are in full swing as we again are running around delivering science shows for a variety of libraries, museums, vacation care centers and the like across QLD, NSW & Victoria. This year we have joined with Centennial Parklands to work alongside their Rangers to deliver fun science and environmental education for primary kids. We’ve had a blast running liquid nitrogen demonstrations, Lego robotics, dinosaur and toy science plus more throughout the holidays

Terry Triceratops visits the Centennial Parklands education center

A favourite of mine was the special visit from Vanessa, the Centennial Parklands education manager and her Grey-headed Flying Foxes she is looking after. The kids were enthralled by the pop-in visit and it certainly helped support the strong environmental message needed for young children.

Grey headed flying foxes at Centennial Parklands

Throughout the year we’ll be running a variety of fun workshops; keep an eye out for the Giant Catapult we’re bringing soon!

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