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Coding TPL Day for Primary Teachers

Coding TPL Day for Primary Teachers


Coding TPL Day for Primary Teachers

Teachers working in pairs will be guided through a series of simple exercises to allow them to gain a basic understanding of the Scratch and Fliprobot programming software and how it can be used to program simple robots. They will then be posed with challenges to allow them to implement their newfound programming skills to solve problems with the robots each related to a different KLA. Through active participation in the activities, teachers will gain an understanding of how they can use a range of robotics platforms in their classrooms.


What do participants do?

During this session, we will look at coding using Blockly and applying this to the Fliprobot robotics platform.

The Fliprobot programming interface is built on Blockly, similar to Scratch, and designed to be intuitive, so most adults can gain a functional understanding of the platform after completing a few sample activities under the guidance of an experienced educator. Students who use this platform gain a functional understanding of how programming and robotics can be used to solve real-world problems. Additionally, with a small amount of functional knowledge of the programming platform, a teacher can see how robots can be used across science and technology, numeracy and literacy lessons.

NSW Teachers

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  • For up to 30 teachers per workshop
  • Desks, chairs and access to at least 3 power points

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  • Duration 5 hours plus time for lunch and morning tea
  • Set up time 30 minutes and pack up time 30 minutes.


  • Cost $660 GST free for an onsite visit within the Sydney Metropolitan area. We can travel throughout  ACT, regional NSW & VIC however travel fees do apply.
  • Special rate! $595 GST free as part of another incursion booking on the same day.

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