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50 questions kids can investigate about the environment

50 questions kids can investigate about the environment

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World Environment Day is coming up on June 5, why not pose these questions for your kids to investigate as part of their science projects. The results would make great student posters, student podcasts, student blogs or student reports!

By the way, you can also use the free biology & environment science experiments or the biology trivia on our website plus you can get in touch to join the web conferences with us on Renewable Energy for World Environment Day as well.

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50 Questions for Kids about the Environment

Questions that kids can use to investigate their environment

A great start to teach kids about the environment!

  1. Do the types of birds are in my backyard change through the year?
  2. Are there different ant species in my garden?
  3. What types of trees are there in my area?
  4. Is my soil sandy, loamy or filled with clay?
  5. How are flowers pollinated?
  6. Are flies or cockroaches good for the environment?
  7. What makes a plant a weed?
  8. How can I start a worm farm?
  9. What makes the best compost?
  10. Is the water quality of my local creek or river ok?
  11. Has the tree cover in my suburb changed much over time?
  12. How many packages does my family recycle each week?
  13. Which uses more water – dishwashers or hand washing dishes?
  14. How much water does my family use a week?
  15. How is electricity generated for my home to use?
  16. How much electricity does my home use?
  17. What is the difference between fluorescent and incandescent globes?
  18. Are fluorescent globes or LED lights better for the environment?
  19. Which types of transport in my town are the most environmentally friendly?
  20. Are diesel or petrol-powered cars better for our air quality?
  21. How far has my food travelled to get to my pantry?
  22. What are the types of clouds above me?
  23. Why does the wind blow?
  24. What causes rain?
  25. Have glaciers changed much in 200 years?
  26. How are ice cores used in climate research?
  27. What is dendrochronology?
  28. How is nuclear science used in environmental research?
  29. What is pollution?
  30. What causes coral bleaching?
  31. How are some animals affected by climate change?
  32. What is the biggest environmental issue for my country?
  33. Can oil spills be cleaned up?
  34. Which products are alternatives to single-use plastics?
  35. Are the stories of floating garbage areas in the ocean true?
  36. What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources?
  37. Are there environmental concerns for the future Moon colonies?
  38. How are carbon dioxide levels measured in the atmosphere?
  39. What new technologies are being developed to improve sanitation?
  40. What is the difference between brown & black coal?
  41. How do some animals contribute to climate change?
  42. Describe what you would invent to help our environment.
  43. How have some kids helped their environment? Check TEDx!
  44. Does trade & business on the internet help or hinder the environment?
  45. Which uses more fuel worldwide – air travel or international shipping?
  46. Research a chemical that causes environmental damage.
  47. With an adult, find out what animals can be found by dip-netting in a waterway.
  48. What animals can be found in garden leaf litter?
  49. What is your local ecosystem’s food web?
  50. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the environment?

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