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Educhange 2017 wrap up – Part 1!

Educhange 2017 wrap up – Part 1!

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2017 Edupreneur event in Melbourne (writing over a blue cloud)

It’s Tuesday at #EC2017 and we were ready for Edupreneur at One Roof in Southbank! Investors, entrepreneurs and educators came together for an eye-opening day filled with inspiring anecdotes and practical tips. Curated by Education Changemakers and supported by LaunchVic, it was a rush of ideas of how to make education awesome! Here were a few highlights…

  • Ever heard of High Tech High? Well, Laura McBain from one of the best schools in the world came all the way from San Diego to talk to us about ways we can provide high-quality education in this changing world.

    Laura McBain at Educhange 2017 edupreneur presentation screen
    Laura telling us about the issues with education that keep her up at night!

Check out the trailer for “Most Likely to Succeed” – a documentary on High Tech High!

  • A definite highlight of the day for many of us was when Miriam Beasy, Head of Science at Methodist Ladies College told a room full of entrepreneurs exactly what teachers are looking for in a product. Involve teachers in the development process to create products that really work for them!
  • From my blog post about using Minecraft to teach science, you might have guessed that I am a fan of gamification or educational gaming, which we now know is different thanks for a very informative session lead by Leon Young, CEO of 2and2. It was great listening to Leon describe his journey into using games to motivate those like himself to learn. He also urged us to consider the psychological effects on the students with games that involve competitions and public leaderboards.

    Leon Young at Educhange 2017 Edupreneur presentation screen
    Leon sharing with us the next steps in 2and2’s progression.

  • Co-founders of SEQTA, Grant and Sharon Grosser promised to “share practical lessons and insights” from their journey and they certainly delivered. Having lived and breathed the system themselves, it was evident how passionate they were to help teachers by making their education experience more enjoyable. I couldn’t stop smiling through their presentation, and agree with the moderator’s comments that it was “raw and authentic”.

    Grant Sharon Grosser Educhange 2017 edupreneur presentation screen
    Grant and Sharon telling their story of going from teaching to running an edutech company.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, when we get to meet 1500 lovely teachers and educators! So come see us at the Fizzics booth for some crazy fun hands-on experiments and surprises!

Happy teaching,
Jaqueline Kao

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