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Grant applications open for National Science Week!

Grant applications open for National Science Week!

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Every August, our presenters are out in full force for Fizzics’ busiest time of the year: National Science Week! Armed with super cool demonstrations, hands-on experiments and a plethora of awesome toys, we get to share our passion for science with kids from hundreds of schools and institutions across Australia. Late last year we were even featured in a tweet from the official organising bodies:

And now it’s the schools’ turn! The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA), along with the Australian Government, provides funding assistance to any Australian school wanting to give their students or the local community an opportunity to participate in something special! The funding is for up to $500 to go towards running an activity or event in any STEM field. If this sounds like something you’d like for your school, click here to apply on the ASTA website, or encourage teachers at your local schools to get on it! Applications will close on 23rd April, that’s only 5 weeks away!

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  • Which activity will be most engaging for your students?

Not sure what kind of event or activities you could run? Here are some ideas:

  • Science Fair: ever popular, suitable for a wide range of ages.


  • STEM Challenge: Bridge building, egg drop, make a catapult….it’s always a hit! We find that kids age 7 and up enjoy these activities the most.


  • Family Evenings: Get the community involved too by setting up stalls and have your students share their favourite science experiments with everyone! You can find very accessible and simple experiments in our >100 FREE science experiment section!


  • Meet a Scientist: Invite a real-life scientist to school and let your students ask all the questions! Alternatively, use video conferencing to let your students connect with a scientist from anywhere in Australia or the world! Here are some of our tips for running a video conferencing session.



For more ideas and information, check out what other schools have done in the past and suggestions from the official website!

Happy teaching,
Jaqueline Kao.

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