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STEM Video Game Challenge + Science Talent Search!

STEM Video Game Challenge + Science Talent Search!

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If you have some keen kids in your class or home and you’d like to give them something challenging to work on this year, here are some upcoming events that might interest them!

  • Australian STEM Video Game Challenge
  • STEM Video Game challenge logo

I think learning through gaming is a great idea, as evidenced by a previous blog about Minecraft. But getting to design and build your own original video game AND win prizes? That’s totally next level! Imagine the skills one would have to learn in order to achieve such a feat. The challenge was established by the Australian Council for Educational Research to find new ways of engaging kids in STEM fields and has been running since 2014.

A great thing about this particular competition is that the mandatory team mentor (whose duties include filling out the application form) doesn’t have to be a teacher. If you are swamped with work already but know a very motivated parent, older sibling or alumnus over 18 years of age, they can be the mentor for your students! Winning teams also get to showcase their masterpiece at PAX in Melbourne, one of the largest gaming expos in the southern hemisphere!

Who can enter?
All Australian students in Year 5 – 12, including home-schooled students.

How many in a team?
Students can enter individually or in teams of up to 4.

Is there a theme?
Transformation. This is open to interpretation according to the official website, and your team may decide how to incorporate this concept into your game.

How much does it cost?
It’s free to enter!

When does registration close?
27th April, that’s only a month away so get your teams sorted!

Check out the official website for more info on teaching resources, rules, prizes and application forms!

  • Science Talent Search
  • Science talent search poster

The Science Talent Search has been around for a long time, though it is specifically for students in Victoria. What I love about this event is the variety of formats your students can choose to express their passion for science. From classic experiments to creative writing, games and computer programs to film and photography; it’s a STEAM smorgasbord!

Who can enter?
All Victorian primary and secondary students.

How many in a team?
Students can enter individually or in pairs. Class entries are allowed in the primary sector.

Is there a theme?
In line with National Science Week 2018, the theme this year is Australian game changers and change makers.

How much does it cost?
Entry fees range from $8 for an individual to $30 for a class entry.

When does registration close?
28th May

For more info, check out the official website or jump straight to the 2018 handbook!


Happy teaching,
Jaqueline Kao.

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