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How to decorate a kids science party they’ll love!

How to decorate a kids science party they’ll love!

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We’ve been running hundreds of science parties every year since 2004 and one thing we’ve noticed is just how creative parents can be! You can turn your home into a ‘mad scientists laboratory’ using simple household items, all you need is imagination and add a bit of fun! Here are a few decorative ideas we’ve seen to start you off:

  • Colour code party decorations to your theme (lots of greens, blacks, whites can work very well!)


  • Science party decorated room
  • Decorated room ready to go for the science party
  • Fizzics aprons
  • Aprons being used in a cosmetic science party
  • Get some dry ice from a local supplier and add to coloured beakers or glasses of water just before the kids arrive! Can’t get dry ice? You can use cotton wool instead 🙂


  • Coloured beakers with dry ice
  • Coloured beakers with dry ice
  • Get the kids to arrive in a scientist costume, with a door prize for each guest.


  • lab coats in a science workshop
  • White lab coats look great but kids often will fit in an old white office shirt. Early arrivals can colour in their lab coats with pens!
  • Forensic suit
  • Another version of a scientist costume could be put together with rubber gloves, a mask and a chemical spray suit found in a hardware store.
  • Hang signs off your garage ceiling that the kids have made themselves (great to way to build the anticipation plus keep them occupied whilst you get everything else ready!)


  • Fab lab sign in a garage
  • Bubbles, radiation signs, chemical elements are just a few decorative ideas to hang
  • Place rubber reptiles, spiders and insects into old glass jars. Fill with coloured water and screw the lid on and you’ve got some colourful biological specimens to look at.


  • Cover your walls with fake spider webs and place rubber spiders and snakes throughout the room. We can provide some realistic replicas of Redback spiders and Sydney Funnelweb spiders from our store.


  • Make signs with chalk or your computer depicting beakers, test tubes, ‘danger’ & ‘radiation’ signs. Aluminium foil makes for great space science creations! A fantastic version of this recently seen was a restricted sign where kids all had to “scan” their hand to get inside You could take this to a whole other level for older kids with smart phones where they could scan a QR code linking to a puzzle or trivia question on the web to get inside!


  • scanning handprint for entry to the science party!
  • Scanning hand print for entry to the science party!
  • Use test tubes, pippetes, kidney dishes and more to use in decorations as well as utensils on the food table. Petri dishes look fantastic when you fill them with jelly and sour worms for the kids to “dissect”.


  • Make party loot bags filled with science toys they can use at home. Many people print off a couple of our free science experiments as a hand out for kids as they leave the party.


As you can see, a science party can be loads of fun to put together.
If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who give you even more ideas 🙂

Happy party planning!


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