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SLIMED! One bet I lost:)

SLIMED! One bet I lost:)

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A bet is a bet!

We were playing around with Facebook and Karin suggested that if we got 50 “likes” by the end of the business day the Sydney staff could slime me.  Of course I couldn’t resist the challenge 🙂

Well, of course this created some ‘motivation’ to get this going and needless to say I had 5 litres of corn flour slime poured over my head the following week! No matter, it was a great way to use this as a platform to talk about different slimes through social media and how they can be used in industry.

Want to know how to make corn flour slime?
This really is quite easy, further information on exactly the workings of this ‘Non-Newtonian Solid’ can be found on our website  – click here for details

All the best!


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