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The first ever photo of a black hole has been released by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration and while it’s an amazing feat it’s a bit hard to figure out what you’re looking at - Duncan looks past the event horizon to explain what’s going on.

Why the first all-female spacewalk never happened: The media went nuts recently about how a planned all-female spacewalk was canceled. It seems like patriarchy has reached even the ISS. But the truth is a little more complicated. 

Do you hear silent GIFs?: GIFs are silent moving images, but certain GIFs can have 'sounds' for some people. How? Ben takes us through the science. 

Even mosquitoes hate Skrillex: Skrillex is (in)famous for being a divisive musician. But it looks like mosquitoes are tipping the balance as new research has found that playing Skrillex to mosquitoes reduces both biting and 'copulation activity'

What’s on, Watson?: It’s the day of the equinox AND a super moon, giving us a Super Worm Equinox Moon. That was not a Dune reference - that’s what it’s really called. We take a look at what an equinox actually is, and how the super moon got its name.

On the Green with Quill: A new coral reef has been found off the coast of Italy. Let’s be honest, it’s not as good as the Great Barrier Reef, but fun to learn about anyway!

ViralGram: Not only does playing music to ageing cheese imbue it with a milder taste, but if you play it A Tribe Called Quest then it becomes award-winning. Just don’t play that wheel of cheese any 360! Ha!

Fact of the Week: Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew, eat them for 60 days straight...

Warning: This episode of Fizzics TWIST contains discussion of HIV/AIDS from 16:00 to 26:30. If you or the person you’re listening with don’t want to hear about this then we suggest skipping that section.

Far Out with Duncan: NASA have ‘sonified’ an image of space taken by the Hubble telescope. Is it eerie and terrifying or oddly pleasant? You be the judge.

On the Green with Quill: Quill is back to fire up about climate change - climate modelling has revealed that if global CO2 levels reach 1300 ppm then clouds start to break apart and this really lets the genie out of the bottle - with sizzling consequences.  

UnTwist: A second and possibly third person have been functionally cured of HIV. We untwist this story, explaining the mechanism and the future of HIV treatment using this method.

What’s on, Watson?: Just in time for Women’s History Month, the first spacewalk by an all-female team will take place on March 29.

Huge if True: How a supernova caused a mass extinction including a very fierce animal you might have seen at the movies!

ViralGram: Why do zebras have stripes? While they may look fly, it’s the flies they have to worry about! Read the article and see the pictures here:  

UnTwist: An amazing prehistoric discovery right here in Australia - and we’re very excited because our own staff have been involved. Anyone up for a road trip?

Fact of the Week: The human body can be pretty gross sometimes, but it can be even more gross in space...

What’s on?!: It’s the International Day of Women and Girls in Science AND International Women’s Day - Kate joins us to talk about some groundbreaking achievements by women made in 2018.

Far Out with Duncan: A little rover close to Duncan’s heart, the Opportunity Rover has been declared… dead. We discuss this somber moment.

ViralGram: Have you lost a USB stick recently? Been kayaking near seals recently? The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand would like to have a word with you! Listen to our previous story about seals in Episode 21.

Fact of the Week: An amazing revelation that brings both space and dinosaurs together in this positively titan fact.

ViralGram: A wayward seal has been photographed with an eel stuck up its nose. It turns out this is not the first time this has happened...

Huge if True: Mobile phones will be banned from primary schools across NSW from next year. Is this a good idea? 

Far Out with Duncan: The Mars InSight Lander has sent back audio from the surface of Mars. A sound from an alien world. Hear it in this segment! 

Fact of the Week: Quill brings some fun festive facts for this Christmas episode! 

ViralGram: Students around Australia have staged protests against inaction on climate change. We applaud their efforts! 

In the Lab with Quill: Researchers from the University of Queensland (strewth) have discovered a DNA signature of multiple types of cancer. What on Earth does that mean you ask? Quill applies her VLB (Very Large Brain) to the problem.

Far Out with Duncan: CIMON (pronounced 'Simon') is a cute space-robot with a dark and insecure past. Will he take over the ISS? Duncan explores.

Fact of the Week: Are you a Round-Earther? Well, we've got bad news for you...

UnTwist: A Chinese scientist claims to have modified the genes of twin girls. We break down the science behind this case and discuss the implications.

ViralGram: Knickers the cow is a massive unit... but why? The answer is simple. 

Far Out with Duncan: Duncan explores his favourite topic, Mars landers.

What Year Is It?: Everything that happened in late November in years gone by... it's a good one! 

UnTwist: In the future, all meat might be grown in a lab instead of taken from animals. Quill, who is a vegetarian and has a PhD in Hippietarianism, takes us through this high-steaks topic.

On the Green with Quill: It turns out that apart from being cute and cuddly little units, wombats also poop out cubes. Quill, who has a PhD in faecal cubeism, explains how this might impact all of the manufacturing industry, forever.

Far Out with Duncan: Boffins from MIT have a made a plane that flies silently, with no moving parts, using technology straight out of Star Trek. Duncan, who doesn't have a PhD, perfectly illustrates this amazing tech in extreme detail.

Fact Of The Week: The year was 2009. Presidents were respected, the economy was stimulated, and the sky was a deep, dark red. Quill takes us back.

Huge If True: How much does a kilogram weigh? No one seems to know! Watch this video about how the kilogram will be redefined. 

On the Green with Quill: The world’s oceans are being eaten up, but by what? Where is the water going?

Far Out with Duncan: Underneath an ancient glacier in Greenland, scientists have discovered something with cosmic origins. Check out the tectonic plate diving here.

Fact Of The Week: This week’s fact will boil your brain and give you brainfreeze at the same time.

Fizzics TWIST is back for Episode 16! In this episode we discuss:

Huge If True: The 'Pando' Aspen tree system is dying. Or maybe it's just getting old? Fizzics TWIST investigates. 

On the Green with Quill: The EU has banned 10 types of single-use plastics. Quill, predictably, rants about it. 

What Year Is It?: Duncan's alter ego recounts what happened this week in past years. (PS check out the video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse) 

Far Out with Duncan: China has revealed its plans for a new space station that might replace the ISS. But their track record with space stations isn't great (read: Tiangong-1. We talked about it in Episode 4) - so how will this new one fare? 

Fact Of The Week: This week's fact is so mind-boggling it'll send you into orbit! 

You can't use your phone while driving, but what about using your phone while... learning? Quill's on the case. 

Pluto's a planet again! Hooray! Maybe! 

The Ocean Cleanup has been deployed. A giant plastic-eating machine has been set loose towards the Great Pacific Garbage patch. Hopefully it will tide-y up! 

Fact Of The Week! This week's fact is positively electric. 

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