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ViralGram: A wayward seal has been photographed with an eel stuck up its nose. It turns out this is not the first time this has happened...

Huge if True: Mobile phones will be banned from primary schools across NSW from next year. Is this a good idea? 

Far Out with Duncan: The Mars InSight Lander has sent back audio from the surface of Mars. A sound from an alien world. Hear it in this segment! 

Fact of the Week: Quill brings some fun festive facts for this Christmas episode! 

ViralGram: Students around Australia have staged protests against inaction on climate change. We applaud their efforts! 

In the Lab with Quill: Researchers from the University of Queensland (strewth) have discovered a DNA signature of multiple types of cancer. What on Earth does that mean you ask? Quill applies her VLB (Very Large Brain) to the problem.

Far Out with Duncan: CIMON (pronounced 'Simon') is a cute space-robot with a dark and insecure past. Will he take over the ISS? Duncan explores.

Fact of the Week: Are you a Round-Earther? Well, we've got bad news for you...

UnTwist: A Chinese scientist claims to have modified the genes of twin girls. We break down the science behind this case and discuss the implications.

ViralGram: Knickers the cow is a massive unit... but why? The answer is simple. 

Far Out with Duncan: Duncan explores his favourite topic, Mars landers.

What Year Is It?: Everything that happened in late November in years gone by... it's a good one! 

UnTwist: In the future, all meat might be grown in a lab instead of taken from animals. Quill, who is a vegetarian and has a PhD in Hippietarianism, takes us through this high-steaks topic.

On the Green with Quill: It turns out that apart from being cute and cuddly little units, wombats also poop out cubes. Quill, who has a PhD in faecal cubeism, explains how this might impact all of the manufacturing industry, forever.

Far Out with Duncan: Boffins from MIT have a made a plane that flies silently, with no moving parts, using technology straight out of Star Trek. Duncan, who doesn't have a PhD, perfectly illustrates this amazing tech in extreme detail.

Fact Of The Week: The year was 2009. Presidents were respected, the economy was stimulated, and the sky was a deep, dark red. Quill takes us back.

Huge If True: How much does a kilogram weigh? No one seems to know! Watch this video about how the kilogram will be redefined. 

On the Green with Quill: The world’s oceans are being eaten up, but by what? Where is the water going?

Far Out with Duncan: Underneath an ancient glacier in Greenland, scientists have discovered something with cosmic origins. Check out the tectonic plate diving here.

Fact Of The Week: This week’s fact will boil your brain and give you brainfreeze at the same time.

Fizzics TWIST is back for Episode 16! In this episode we discuss:

Huge If True: The 'Pando' Aspen tree system is dying. Or maybe it's just getting old? Fizzics TWIST investigates. 

On the Green with Quill: The EU has banned 10 types of single-use plastics. Quill, predictably, rants about it. 

What Year Is It?: Duncan's alter ego recounts what happened this week in past years. (PS check out the video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse) 

Far Out with Duncan: China has revealed its plans for a new space station that might replace the ISS. But their track record with space stations isn't great (read: Tiangong-1. We talked about it in Episode 4) - so how will this new one fare? 

Fact Of The Week: This week's fact is so mind-boggling it'll send you into orbit! 

You can't use your phone while driving, but what about using your phone while... learning? Quill's on the case. 

Pluto's a planet again! Hooray! Maybe! 

The Ocean Cleanup has been deployed. A giant plastic-eating machine has been set loose towards the Great Pacific Garbage patch. Hopefully it will tide-y up! 

Fact Of The Week! This week's fact is positively electric. 

Welcome to this special edition episode of Fizzics TWIST!

Water on Mars, alien life, cosmic farts, and planet-sized dust storms; the two active Mars Rovers, Opportunity and Curiosity, have been creating some huge news lately. So what exactly has been going on up there? Duncan tells the story of the Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity rovers and takes a look at some exciting martian science that happened along the way.

Music provided by Timecop1983

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod -
"Silver Theme", "Impending Boom", "Winner Winner", "Nonstop", "Space Explorers", "Robobozo", "Crypto", "Not as it seems", "Industrious Ferret", "Moonlight Hall", "Jellyfish in space"

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Don't forget to send us your science questions and we will consult the experts on your behalf!

We're talking about the Great Barrier Reef again! Now that pesky Crown of Thorns Starfish is being targeted by robots.

Scientists have found a new coral reef off the east coast of the USA. How come we didn't know about it already?

The International Space Station has sprung a leak! How does this happen and what does it mean?

Fact Of The Week! It's a real word salad this week. Salad gold. We're just pollen your leg. Once and floral.

Don't forget to send us your science questions and we will consult the experts on your behalf!

The lovely people of Jervis Bay get to go to a bioluminescence party. But will they light up the dance floor?

Duncan updates us about the Opportunity Mars Rover, and it's not looking good...

Lastly, some ancient human news - homo sapiens are not the only ape in town.

Fact Of The Week! We get a lot of questions about rain, so it's time to separate fact from fiction.

Don't forget to send us your science questions and we will consult the experts on your behalf!

NASA are firing a spacecraft into the sun! But why, and will its intrepid crew survive? Just kidding it's a robot.

The Moon has ice on its surface! Which means it has water! Humans need water, so could we live on the moon? TWIST investigates...

Quill has found out about a type of ant that protects their nests by exploding with a delicious smell.

Fact Of The Week! Potatoes are one of the most interesting plants around... here's why!

It's time for another Secret Sound! Get this right and you could earn some solid CO2IN.

Flying electric spiders! Hooray! Everyone loves flying electric spiders!

Koalas have a terrible, toxic diet of only Eucalyptus leaves, but those cute, fuzzy, icons seem just fine! How do they do it?

That funnily-named planet between Saturn and Neptune is a bit wonky, and we found out why! Also listen to Duncan squirm while trying to avoid saying its name.

Fact Of The Week! This positively electric fact comes from Japan...

Don't forget to send us your science questions and we will consult the experts on your behalf!

It’s tax(onomy) time! The CSIRO’s National Research Collections Australia has named 200 new species, almost all of them insects. Hurray, insects!

A Japanese spacecraft is about to arrive at an asteroid and do some explodey experiments on it - Duncan loves this! Here are some photos:

Plastic bags are GONE from major supermarkets in Australia - Quill loves this!

Fact Of The Week! We warm your winter bones with a SUNNY FACT!

Don't forget to send us your science questions and we will consult the experts on your behalf!

The ABC’s Stargazing Live has set a new world record for most people simultaneously stargazing! But how many people were involved, what was the previous record, and what did they find?

The Blue Mountains’ Jenolan Caves are receiving a cash injection for some much-needed upgrades, but what use would a giant chasm have for money?

Researchers have found strange flakes on dinosaur fossils. Could they be… dino dandruff?

Fact Of The Week! It’s the cold season and we definitely have a frosty fact for you!

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