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Chemistry Capers Workshop

Chemistry Capers Workshop

Creative chemical school workshop ideal for covering a broad range of chemical changes

Hands-on school chemistry workshop all about changes

Find out about the science that can be found in your own kitchen as students run hands-on science investigations in chemistry. Designed to cover a broad range of chemical concepts that is accessible to primary students:

  • kitchen chemistry found at home
  • physical changes vs. chemical reactions
  • acids vs. bases and indicators to detect them
  • properties of solids, liquids and gases
  • energy changes and more…

Available as a primary school science incursion within Australia or as a video conference to any school around the globe!

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Australian ACARA Content Outcomes:

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use (ACSSU074).

Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways (ACSSU077).

Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting (ACSSU095).

Australian National Curriculum Mapping for all our science workshops & shows

NSW Science Syllabus Content A student:

identifies ways heat is produced and that heat moves from one object to another (ST2-6PW).

identifies that adding or removing heat causes a change of state between solids and liquids (ST2-12MW).

identifies the observable properties of solids, liquids and gases, and that changes made to materials are reversible or irreversible (ST3-12MW).

describes how the properties of materials determine their use for specific purposes (ST3-13MW).

NSW K – 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions

School Testimonials

Villa Maria Primary School

We would definitely book this again!

Fizzics Education Awards

Science Show Demonstrations


A fantastic way to create a natural pH indicator


Discover the visual action between lipids and detergent


Gas release can build a lot of pressure!


A classic way of chemically blowing up balloons


It's all about the concentration!


Really, who doesn't like making slime?

Mentos &

A bubbly volcano that's a worldwide hit

Rainbow density

Create a beautiful solution in a cup :)


Appropriate for Years K to 6 with a maximum of 30 students per class.

Access to 1 electrical power socket and 3 tables.

Chairs are not required.

Access to outdoor area if we do the Mentos experiment

Duration 60 minutes, set up time 60 minutes and pack up time 60 minutes.


$390 inc. GST for a 60 minutes workshop or $480 inc. GST for a 90-minute workshop

Minimum school visit cost per day is $480 inc. GST.

In a regional area? Find out how we can attend your school as part of a country science tour!

Available as a video conference at $150 inc. GST per class anywhere in the world.

Extension idea: a liquid nitrogen show looks into properties of materials & phase changes or have us run a complete chemistry show for your school.

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Extension Ideas!

Extension Ideas!

Scientist Q & A

Often students attend our science workshops and shows with questions that stem beyond the covered topic area. Ask a scientist aims to give students a chance to get their questions answered! Run as a 30-minute session at a cost of $70 inc. GST.

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