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Make your own worm farm

Make your own worm farm

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You will need:

  • 3 Stackable plastic boxes horticultural trays with pre-formed holes are ideal
  • Shredded and whole newspaper sheets
  • Soil, water and food scraps
  • Composting worms – available from pet shops


Make your own worm farm science experiment - materials needed
1 Make your own worm farm science experiment - drilling through the plastic box

Have an adult drill out cut small holes in the bottom of 2 trays – leave one box without holes!

2 Make your own worm farm science experiment - adding newspaper to the box

Place the bin without holes where you want the worm farm to be. For collecting excess water.

3 Make your own worm farm science experiment - adding soil to box

Stack one ‘holey’ bin on top of the 1st bin. Line with newspaper and add 4 handfuls of soil.

4 Make your own worm farm science experiment - composting worms

Add some food scraps (avoid meat if possible), stir through, then add the composting worms.

5 Make your own worm farm science experiment - wetting the newspaper

Moisten the box with water then cover with flat newspaper sheets to exclude light.

Once the box is about half full with worms, add another ‘holey’ box on top and repeat steps 3 to 5.

In a week your worms should move into the top box, leaving the middle box with composted soil for your garden. Make sure the soil in the bins doesn’t get too dry.

Dont forget to clean out the bottom bin. Dont add too much food – it will rot instead of being eaten!

6 A spiny leaf insect up close
7 Teacher showing how to do an experiment outside to a group of kids.

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