Broom balance trick

Broom balance trick

Broom balance trick

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You will need:

One broom

Broom balance science experiment - a regular broom
1 Broom balance science experiment - balancing the broom with arms apart

Spread your hands as far apart as you can along the broom.

Pick up the broom using only one finger of each hand… it’ll be heavy on the broom end.


2 Broom balance science experiment - balanced broom

Slowly slide you fingers together at the same speed.

You will find that the finger close to the broom head doesn’t move much compared to other finger.

Once you get your fingers together you have found the broom’s centre of gravity.

3 Broom balance science experiment -bringing fingers together when balancing the broom

Can you balance the whole broom using one finger on that point?

Try other odd shaped objects, e.g. baseball bats, golf clubs and hockey sticks… be careful!

Try repeating the experiment, only placing your hands in a different spot.

Do you find the centre of gravity each time no matter what?

Why Does This Happen

Every object has a centre of gravity, only it is in a different place for different shaped objects.
The centre of gravity is where the mass of the object is equally balanced.

If you lean to far forward you will start to fall… why?
Because most of your mass is away from your centre of gravity, causing you to fall to the ground.

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