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Dry ice + spoons

Dry ice + spoons

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You will need:

Dry ice pellets

2 metal spoons

Adult help


Dry ice between spoons science experiment - materials needed
1 Dry ice between spoons science experiment - materials needed

Place a pellet of dry ice on a spoon.

2 Dry ice between spoons science experiment - dry ice being squeezed between two spoons

Place another spoon on top of the other spoon, resting on top of the dry ice pellet.

Gently squeeze the two spoons together as if they were BBQ tongs.

With the right pressure they should begin to vibrate and squeal!

What is going on?

Dry ice sublimates, meaning it changes from a solid to a gas without the liquid phase. Trapping the dry ice between two spoons creates a squealing sound due to the gas pushing against the spoons as it expands. The faster the spoons vibrate the higher the pitch.

Variables to test

More on variables here

  • Does the pitch change with the size of spoons?
  • What if you use forks instead?
  • Try plastic spoons, do they work?

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