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Make a lung model

Make a lung model

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You will need:

A clean 1.25 or 2L PET bottle

Two balloons

A straw



Rubber band

Make a lung model science experiment - materials needed(1)
1 Make a lung model science experiment - cutting the bottle

Carefully cut off the bottom the plastic bottle and cut the top off one of the balloons.

2 Make a lung model science experiment - balloon lung inserted into bottle

Stretch the balloon tightly over the bottom of the container so it forms a thin skin like the surface of a drum, and secure very firmly with sticky tape.

3 Make a lung model science experiment - balloon lung tied onto straw with rubber band

This balloon represents the diaphragm.

4 Make a lung model science experiment - straw through the bottle cap

Make a hole through the bottle lid and attach a straw. Place the other balloon inside the lid with the top of the balloon attached to the straw the rubber band, use the rubber band to tie the balloon to the straw. The balloon should sit inside the bottle. This balloon represents the ‘lung’.

5 Make a lung model science experiment - pulling on the balloon diaphragm

Carefully pull the balloon at the base of the bottle and watch the ‘lung’ balloon inflate.

Why Does This Happen?

When you breathe in, your diaphragm – the muscle at the base of your lungs, contracts. This expands your chest cavity, lowering the air pressure of the cavity below the air pressure outside, and inflating the lungs.

You can see this same principle at work in this ‘homemade lung’. When you pull on the diaphragm balloon, it lowers the air pressure in the bottle. This pulls in air from outside the bottle, allowing the balloon at the top – the lung – to inflate.

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