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20 End of year science activities

20 End of year science activities

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There are plenty of ways to you can engage kids as the year draws to close. The best bit, you don’t have to break the bank doing so. Have fun with these end of year classroom activities and let us know which ones you try!

  1. Run Minute to Win it science games

    Get out your stopwatches and have some fun with these physics-based science challenges! Highly engaging for kids and they don’t need expensive materials.multiple cups and plates stacked up

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  2. Grow sugar crystal rock candies

    Start this off with a couple of weeks to go and the kids can watch the sugar crystals as they come towards the end of the year. You can add food colouring too if there are no allergies. Nice!

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  3. Grow borax snowflakes

    This experiment is great to set up at the start of December so that you have enough time to grow the snowflakes. You can then hang the ornaments up in your room!finished borax snowflake for christmas

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  4. Make lemon juice Christmas cards

    A little bit of fun and still based in science. Follow the step by step instructions so that kids have Christmas cards to send to their family and friends.Using a cotton tip with the lemon juice

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  5. Make Christmas fizzy bombs

    A Christmas gift idea! Very quick to make and kids can give these as presents.A green crumbly ball of powder in someone's hand

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  6. Have a paper-plane competition

    What kid doesn’t love a paper plane throwing competition? Find a space where you have room to make these fly!A smiling child holding a paper plane

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  7. Have some quiet time colouring in these designs

    Some break out time is always good for kids. These black and white colouring-in sheets are ready for printing.A cartoon line drawing of two kids in the midle of a CSI investigation room. Do Not Cross tape surrounds the kids. One is holding a laptop with a fingerprint whilst looking at a pinboard. The other kids is kneeling and examining something with a magnifying glass

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  8. Run a cup stacking challenge

    Who can build the cup tower and then stack the cups back together again the fastest? It’s all about dexterity and concentration
    under pressure!A man stacking red cups in a pyramid

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  9. Build a Rube Goldberg machine

    Find random things for each group so that they can create a strange contraption that moves energy from one part of the room to another. Lots of fun!Two paddle pop sticks on a cut PVC pipe with stacked blocks and a ping pong ball

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  10. Have a marshmallow tower building competition

    Edible science! Who can build the highest tower?

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  11. Run a sink the foil boat challenge

    With some foil, a bucket of water and some marbles you can have the kids busy for quite a while!Marbles being placed into a floating foil boat

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  12. Make a pizza box solar oven

    Take advantage of those hot summer days in Australia – build a pizza box solar oven! Perhaps combine this with a pizza day to double the fun.

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  13. Make cube-shaped bubbles

    Head on outside to create strange bubbles using pipe cleaners. Kids love this and you can talk about geometric shapes whilst they make them.Geometric bubble films science experiment - cube shape bubble in sunlight

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  14. Make a cobra weave 

    This one is awesome! The cobra weave takes time to create but it’s all worth it when you release the pressure! A great demonstration of potential and kinetic energy, plus it’s a perfect engagement tool for the end of the year.A chain of wooden tongue depressors raising up off the ground in front of a Fizzics science presenter

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  15. Make rainbow bubble rings

    Darken the room and blow bubbles! As you shine a light on the bubbles you get to see the rainbow interference patterns. Grabs attention!Interference patterns in a bubble forming rainbow rings

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  16. Play science jeopardy

    Jeopardy is always challenging for kids but you can shape the questions based on what they have learned through the year. Remember, the answer must in the form of a question!Students with hands up

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  17. Use  our science trivia for quizzes

    We have a wide collection of science trivia on this website, use it to test students knowledge!Students with their hands up in a science lesson

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  18. Make an end of the year podcast

    Each student can talk about their favourite science activity they did this year. A great momento of the year!

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  19. Make a science song!

    Use this as a tool for reflection about the kids have learned this year and challenge them to create a fun song that can be performed in front of others.

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  20. Create a science poem

    Poetry opens up an opportunity for kids to express themselves in yet another medium. Kids can reflect on what they learned this year with this activity too!Create an ant farm science experiment - writing down observations

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  21. Extra idea – Have an end of year Christmas science show!What better way to combine the end of the year and science with a whole school Christmas science show!
    Find out more on our site

    A person wearing a Christmas hat, holding a red balloon, blowing on a bowl of fog next to a reindeer

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End of year science activities are a lot of fun and open up an opportunity for kids to let their hair down after a long year whilst still learning about their world. Let us know which activities you do!

Happy teaching,

Ben Newsome

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