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2009: International Year of Astronomy

2009: International Year of Astronomy

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What is your local school doing for this year’s theme? Here are some easy ideas that can be run in class:

  • Construct a scale model of our solar system and use your school oval to demonstrate the distances between the planets and our Sun.
  • Organise a telescope evening at your school. In many average sized schools, there are at least a few parents with telescopes that can be counted on. If not, we have our own that we can bring along on an astronomy night. We can combine this with our NSW DET authorised Stars & Planets workshop.
  • Construct a film canister rocket & more!
  • Donate your computing power to the SETI project.
  • Use your school’s Lego robotics kits to investigate the use of sensors in robotic probes currently on other planets. Don’t have Lego Robots? We do, and they’re been newly enhanced to perform data logging functions just like a real space probe. Click here for more information.
  • Explore the NASA website to find out what current research is being run as well the benefits of this research to the community. You’d be surprised!
  • Check out International Year of Astronomy Website to see what else is happening around the world.

All the best!

Ben Newsome.

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