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Heading west for Science in the Bush

Heading west for Science in the Bush

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Fizzics does school science outreach all over Australia and last week it was Condobolin’s turn to feel the love!
During our travels this week we came across a huge amount of tumbleweed whilst presenting science for schools at the Australian Museum’s ‘Science in the Bush’ series at the Charles Sturt University building.
Take a look at this tumbleweed pile!

On the road we passed the mighty Parkes observatory, an Australian icon and star of the movie ‘The Dish’. The Parkes radio telescope has been a household name in Australia since 1969 when it was used as part of the Apollo 11 mission. It was this dish that transmitted pictures back to six hundred million viewers as Neil Armstrong and (Buzz) Aldrin landed on the sea of tranquillity.  Next time you are out west call in and soak up this little piece of Australian and world history. Amazing!

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