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Things kids can do without the internet

Things kids can do without the internet

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Kids activities that don't need screens

Getting kids to peel their eyes away from the screen doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth; you just need to create some enticement for them! Recently we were inspired by the list compiled by My Deal Australia which looked into 10 technology-free ways to entertain little ones; there is so many kids can do without the need for the internet and to be honest, once kids get started they pretty much forget about their computers in the process!

Below is a list of some science craft activities and outdoor pursuits that can get your kids motivated to do more than reach the next level… time for some old-fashioned fun 🙂

1. Create a square wheel car

Yep, we’re quite serious! With some scissors, a ruler, kebab sticks, glue, cardboard and toilet roll your kids can create this classic craft activity that shows the link between maths and science.

2. Take the kids for a bushwalk

Lachlan swamp bushwalk - kids walking through a Melaleuca swamp trail
What might your kids discover?

The great outdoors has so much to offer … especially when you approach it from the view of teaching them about the local environment and natural history. Be sure to carry provisions, first aid, a guidebook and let someone know where you are going and when you’re coming back. perhaps you could even extend this into an overnight camping trip!

3. Create an ant farm

Ants up close
What might the kids learn here?

Kids love watching little critters move and in this case, they can learn to construct an ant farm, collect some ants using pooters and observe their behaviour. Beyond simply getting ‘outdoors’, the kids will learn skills in observation as well as stewardship as they watch their little colony grow. Just be sure kids are supervised with an adult to make sure that the ants being collected are safe to be handled!

4. Make a simple motor

Simple motor science experiment
The materials for this science activity are easy to get!

If the kids really want to learn about technology, why not get them to build technology instead? You can find all you need to make a simple motor from the local electrical store and the hardware shop, just make sure they have some adult help as they put the motor together. This activity is all about electromagnetic induction, a discovery that helped changed the world

5. Make a pizza box solar oven

Pizza box solar oven
Pizza box solar ovens are easy to make 🙂

Next time you have a pizza don’t throw away the box! Keep the pizza box for a sunny day whereby your kids could create a solar oven to create melted chocolate treats.

6. Make some slime!

Why not? Kids love getting messy … this science activity is the ultimate in messiness! Apart from the mess, this experiment is about the properties of materials and the importance of following an experimental procedure.

7. Do some volcano eruptions!

Yes, this is a well-known kid magnet 🙂
Follow the tips on how to make this experiment more realistic and make sure you discuss how different types of rock not only produces different shapes of volcanoes but ultimately determines whether a volcano is explosive or not.

8. Make honeycomb

Golden bubbles of fun

Yum! This science experiment is a great one to do in the presence of an adult and shows just how similar cooking can be to running a science experiment (change on ingredient and you get a different effect!). Chemistry in the kitchen 🙂

9. Make a scribblebot!

Scribblebot by Fizzics
Scribblebot creating wiggly patterns

Scribblebots have become very popular recently in schools for good reason! This craft activity combines simple constructions skills, creativity and knowledge about circuits and off-balance forces to create a fun little robot that does drawings for you! These robots are addictive for kids…

10. Launch film canister rockets!

Awesome fun! Definitely an outdoor activity under adult supervision but it certainly grabs kids attention. In one launch your rocket can teach kids about acid/base chemistry and Newtonian physics. Let’s be honest though, they’re also great fun 🙂

As you can see, with just a few materials your kids can quickly be engaged in activities that have nothing to do with the internet. Yes, the internet is a wonderful place and as video conferencing STEM education specialist I definitely hail its virtues … but there are times when just good old fashioned fun is hard to beat. What’s your favourite craft or outdoor science activity? Would love to hear about it!

Happy teaching,

Ben Newsome.

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