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Geology Rocks!

Playdough core sampling

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Use playdough to show kids how geologists do core sampling. Simple to do and helps kids understand how different layers of soils are sampled.

Make a simple seismograph

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Create a simple seismograph! An easy science activity that replicates an ancient design from China.

Fold mountains using towels activity

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With a stack of towels, you can easily demonstrate folding in our landscape!
An easy geology activity that helps you visualise how our landscape forms.

Make Ice Stalagmites

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Made via supercooled water.

A surprising science project!

3D topographic map activity

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Discover how elevations work

Learn how to read maps!

Freeze-Thaw Weathering

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Emulate how ice splits rocks

Alpine erosion in class

Make a Volcano

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Simulate a shield volcano

Always good fun :)

Finding True North

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True north vs. Magnetic north

Find your way...

Create a Cave

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Speed up ancient processes

Bubble it away!

Build a Simple Erosion Model

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Demonstrate erosion easily

Try varying the experiment

How Hard is that Rock?

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Moh's scale explained

Classify minerals

Create a water filter

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Learn about natural and man-made water filtration systems and how they work with this fun and simple science experiment for home and the classroom!

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