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Build a Simple Erosion Model

Build a Simple Erosion Model

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You will need:

  • 1 pile of sand, soil or clay
  • Sticks, leaves and twigs
  • 1 Watering can


Build a simple erosion model science experiment - materials needed
1 Build a simple erosion model science experiment - shaping the hills

Build mounds of dirt forming as many valleys, creeks and spurs as you can.

Place the sticks upright in the soil where you want your ‘trees’ to be.

2 Build a simple erosion model science experiment - planting the trees

Pile leaves and twigs where you would expect them to be on your ‘hillside’.

3 Build a simple erosion model science experiment - modelling the rain event

Gently pour water over the entire site. Which areas lost more soil, why?

4 Build a simple erosion model science experiment - soil with different texture

What could you do to fix the problems on the site? What if the soil was a different texture?

5 A image of a stylised volcano

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6 A student holding a paint roller with toilet paper flying off it due to a leaf blower.
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Why Does This Happen?

The top layer of soil contains a large amount of available nutrients for plants to use. These nutrients include inorganic minerals to those nutrients provided by rotting vegetation (humus). This layer of soil can be heavily eroded by the wind, rain and human impacts.

If this layer is lost, so is the available nutrients for plants to grow. In some parts of the world, top-soil erosion has become a major concern.

Variables to test

More on variables

  • Try using different types of soil. Do you lose topsoil as fast?
  • Try experimenting with different ground covers (moss, woodchips, mulch, compost, leaf litter).
  • If you slow the water running down the slope, does it reduce the erosion?

A man with a glove above a liquid nitrogen vapour cloud

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