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Light & Colour

Discover the properties of light in this interactive science show

Explore a variety of light concepts in this interactive school science show:

  • Learn about the duality of light; is it a wave or particle or both?
  • Investigate the visible light spectrum, including colour addition and subtraction
  • Discover how the Doppler effect has been used to explain the structure of the Universe
  • Explore luminescent minerals and other objects using ultraviolet light
  • Find out why sunsets are red and learn about colour and energy relationships
  • Make coloured shadows and create hovering image illusions using persistence of vision
  • Learn about translucent, transparent and opaque materials
  • Learn about refraction vs. reflection
  • Investigate optical fibre and it’s use in hi-speed broadband technology
  • Find out about your colour vision; can you see all of the spectrum?

Available as a secondary school science incursion within Australia or as a video conference to any school around the globe!

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Online Class Version

We’ve run live interactive distance programs since 2010 and are highly experienced in making online classes engaging for students on a variety of web conferencing platforms.

  • All of the activities listed below will be covered during the conference.
  • Upon booking, you will receive a PDF outlining the materials that you can have on hand to make the workshop more interactive. It’s not a problem if you can’t source all of the materials, as we’ll have these on hand for the workshop
  • Full child protections are in place
  • We usually connect to classes & homes via Zoom, however if you wish to use a different software we can work with you on getting the connection live.

If you connect with us via Zoom

Australian ACARA Content Outcomes:

Energy transfer through different mediums can be explained using wave and particle models (ACSSU182)

Energy conservation in a system can be explained by describing energy transfers and transformations (ACSSU190)

Australian National Curriculum Mapping for all our science workshops & shows

NSW Science Syllabus Content
A student:

discusses how scientific understanding and technological developments have contributed to finding solutions to problems involving energy transfers and transformations SC4-11PW.

explains how scientific understanding about energy conservation, transfers and transformations is applied in systems SC5-11PW

appreciates the importance of science in their lives and the role of scientific inquiry in increasing understanding of the world around them SC4-1VA & SC5-1VA

NSW K – 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions

Science Show Demonstrations


Just why are sunsets red anyway? Why not blue or green?

Laser lights

Investigate energy levels with different colour lasers against photolumiscent vinyl

Colour mixing

Mix primary light colours ... why are the secondary colours different to paint?

Bubble Films

See light split through a bubble film. Nice... and demonstrates wave theory

Float that image

Create a 3D floating image hovering in mid-air

Magic specs

These diffraction lenses are great for investigating lasers

Glowing rocks

Some minerals fluoresce under UV light... can you identify which ones?

Hidden beaker

Canola oil and this beaker have almost the same refractive index... lets hide it

Hide me

Transparent materials are quite difference to translucent ones.

Optical illusions

Light can be quite tricky, can you spot how they might work?

Optical fibre

Pretty.... and it can be used to transport massive amounts of information

Colourful chemistry

Some chemicals react to heat and change in colour... check them out!

Colour vision

Our Director is colour blind... are your students?

Shiny disco ball

Mirrors and light... what more can we say? Send images around the room!

Mega lens

Use this lenticular lens and magnify things, including you.


Investigate how lasers work and see them through a cloud... neat!

Trapped laser light

Feedback about this school science show


The ability to darken the room is essential. Choose the best room you have wherever possible.

Appropriate for Years 7 to 10 with a maximum of 60 students per show.

3 Tables arranged at front of the room. Chairs are not required.

Access to 3 electrical power sockets and a white screen or white board

Duration 60 minutes, set up time 45 minutes and pack up time 45 minutes.

During Social Distancing – Contact us
and we’ll tailor a program to suit both your school and the State’s social distancing requirements. Further details here

We're a COVID SAFE Company

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Available as a video conference anywhere in the world.

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