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STEM Projects & Activities

DIY Barometer

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Make a simple DIY barometer using household materials. Learn about the weather and air pressure plus track changes in your local weather over time.

Make an anemometer

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Learn how to make a simple anemometer for kids using craft materials. Easy weather science activity!

Make your own Spectrometer

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Learn how to make your own homemade spectrometer using simple materials. Use light to analyse substances!

Make a tensegrity structure

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Learn how to make a tensegrity structure using easily found materials. It's all about forces!

Marshmallow & spaghetti towers

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Build a marshmallow tower - how high can you go? A classic STEM activity for kids to try out. Test your planning skills and patience with this none :)

Handy Movement

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Create a working hand model!
Learn how the hand is able to flex using tendons & muscles

Sink the foil boat

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A science activity about floating
How much weight will sink the boat?

Pizza box solar oven

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Control the Sun's rays

Get cooking!

Make a pop pop boat

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Classic toy science

Adult help please!

Create a motor

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Create a simple motor that works!

Its all about electromagnetism

Square wheel car

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How can it roll?

Maths craft for kids

Bubble Geometry

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Geometric bubble shapes

Who doesn't love bubbles?

Create a rubber band racer

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Classic science experiment

Store & release energy to make it go!

Make a scribblebot!

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Get unbalanced!

Simple robot for kids

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