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Child with earmuffs on riding a leaf blower hovercraft Television

7 News Sydney, 21 April 2021

Road safety was the first lesson for primary students in Kogarah today with the school holidays now behind them. Each year hundreds of children are injured on NSW roads. The NRMA now hoping to teach them skills for life.

A picture of a person holding a funnel and a bottle with fog coming out Newspaper & Magazine

The Advisor: Fun with Fizzics. April 7, 2021
FUN AND EDUCATIONAL… Fizzics Education Liquid Nitrogen shows combine fun with science.

A series of paper planees flying away from the title. ONe plane is red and the rest are white Radio

A picture of Ben with the quote "The best way I've seen technology used in schools is when you let students be leaders and do it themselves" Radio


This podcast episode on Teacher Chatter was recorded late last year with our founder! It’s all about student leadership in STEM, virtual excursions and programs that Fizzics Education have offered since 2004.

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