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Marvellous mixtures

Marvellous mixtures

Discover the types of separation techniques in a variety of mixtures

What really is a mixture?

In this holiday hands-on workshop your attending will investigate all manner of suspensions, colloids and solutions to find out different ways of separating mixtures. Filtration, chromatography, magnetism, centrifugation, evaporation and chemical separation techniques are all explored…are they physical techniques or chemical techniques?

Great for younger kids but older children will enjoy getting involved too!

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Every holiday period, Fizzics Education present holiday programs workshops for local council libraries, vacation care centres, OOSHC and at our own venues. These workshops are designed to cater for a wide range of ages, even the adults join in! Book early to avoid disappointment. A school holiday program treat!

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  • Appropriate for ages 5 and up with a maximum of 30 students per class.
  • Access to 1 electrical power socket and 10 tables arranged around the room.
  • Chairs are not required.
  • Duration 60 minutes, set up time 30 minutes and pack up time 30 minutes


  • $450 inc. GST for a 60 minute workshop.

Call 1300 856 828, or use this form to enquire or make a booking for your site.

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Science Workshop Activities

Slimy mixtures

Investigate the properties of this colloidal mixture

Magnetic attraction

Use magnets to find fortified iron in a common food!

Filter my water

How do natural filters help to keep our water catchments clean?

Strange suspension

Shake the bottle and the beads mix...wait a minute... they separate & then recombine!

Hidden colours

Apply chromatography to separate inks in the pens

Skittle science

Mixtures tend to become homogenous...lets prove it!

Milk rainbow

Use a kitchen chemistry to create a swirling colourful mixture as it separates

Lava lamp

Combine simple household ingredients to create a retro experiment

Centrifuge spin

Make the spinners go to spin out the water!

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