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Holiday Requirements, FAQs & Allergies Policy

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What to bring to our holiday science programs

  • Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea as required. Don’t rely on a shop being nearby.
    (NB: ANSTO holiday workshops are supervised between the morning & afternoon workshop by ANSTO staff)
  • A hat
  • A water bottle
  • Wear old clothes
  • Any medications (your child must be able to self-medicate)
  • NB: No peanuts allowed on-site

    We take anaphylaxis seriously. Any child that requires an EpiPen must bring a minimum of 1 on the day in association with the ASCIA Guidelines. This is so that in the event of an emergency we have the required dose (we cannot borrow someone else’s EpiPen or rely on an onsite backup EpiPen working or being available). Please arrive with at least 1 EpiPen in an appropriate cooler bag and give all information of the allergic condition to our presenters.

Sign in & Out

  • A Parent or Guardian is required to sign the child in upon arrival and then sign them out when picking them up after the workshop.
  • An emergency contact number is needed, as well as the name and phone number of the person picking up your child.
  • Please arrive on time for the program commencement and conclusion.

Poor or dangerous behaviour

In the case event of poor and/or dangerous behaviour, Fizzics Education staff reserve the right to call you to arrange the child to be picked up and removed from the workshop. This is only used in extreme circumstances, however, this is a requirement on booking as a child’s continuous poor and/or dangerous behaviour directly affects the experience and safety of all attendees. No refund is applicable if this occurs.

My child is younger than the age stated, can they attend with their older sibling?

No sorry. The minimum age of this program is set to ensure that children attending have the skills, attention span and social ability to successfully keep up with the pace of the program and work with children other attending. Younger children tend to fall behind and can end up frustrated which can have an impact on the rest of the class.

My child is gifted, can they attend even if they’re too young?

No sorry. This can be contentious however please understand that these science programs often have gifted kids of all ages. This means that the older children will likely be gifted as well and so could easily result in your younger child being left behind regardless. Even if your child could keep up with the activities, we can then receive multiple complaints from other families who did not bring their younger siblings because of our age requirements. To make it fair for all families and your child, please wait until the appropriate age to attend.

Can I stay in the room with my child during the program?

In most cases no. We follow the guidelines of the Office of the Children’s Guardian, whereby for child protection we cannot have adults in the room without a verified and current working with children check. Prior special arrangement with our office can be arranged in special circumstances, whereby the working with children paperwork must have been done prior to the day and submitted to our office.

Humanitix says ‘sold out’… can I squeeze just 1 more child in?

Sorry, it’d be awesome if we could but we simply would have too many kids onsite. We have strict ratios of presenters to children so that not only is the program run safely but also so we can help each child during the program with the science activities. Subscribe to our Facebook page for upcoming events and get in early!


Fizzics will provide a full refund only if the event is rescheduled or cancelled. We cannot refund tickets, but name changes on tickets are acceptable. Fizzics reserves the right to review all requests for refunds on a discretionary basis.

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