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Fired Up!

Explore how heat really works!

  • See the fire triangle in action – with a controlled fireball!
  • Why do we see flames in the colour we do?
  • Learn about combustion chambers and how they are used in rocket engines.
  • How do magicians do the tricks they do?
  • Explore convection, conduction, expansion & more

From coloured flames to spectacular fire demonstrations, this fire show will keep your students warmed up to science!
Full risk assessments available on request.

Available as a primary school science incursion within Australia or as a video conference to any school around the globe!

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Online Class Version

We’ve run live interactive distance programs since 2010 and are highly experienced in making online classes engaging for students on a variety of web conferencing platforms.

  • All of the same curriculum points will be covered, but the activities may vary from those listed for face-to-face incursions.
  • Our online classes include demonstrations, Q&A, and hands-on activities (you will receive a materials list upon booking).
  • Full child protections are in place
  • We usually connect to classes & homes via Zoom, however if you wish to use a different software we can work with you on getting the connection live.

If you connect with us via Zoom

NSW Science Syllabus Content
A student:

describes how adding or removing heat causes a change of state

describes the characteristics and effects of common forms of energy, such as light and heat

describes how contact and non-contact forces affect an object’s motion

explains the effect of heat on the properties and behaviour of materials

explains how the properties of materials determines their use for a range of purposes

explains how energy is transformed from one form to another

NSW K – 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions

Victorian F – 10 Science Curriculum

A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat (VCSSU059)

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use (VCSSU060)

Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another; a change in the temperature of an object is related to the gain or loss of heat by the object (VCSSU063)

Solids, liquids and gases behave in different ways and have observable properties that help to classify them (VCSSU076)

Changes to materials can be reversible, including melting, freezing, evaporating, or irreversible, including burning and rusting (VCSSU077)

Print a PDF which details K to 6 mapping of all our science visits

Science Show Demonstrations

Fire safety matters

Fire is hot. We go through the safety at home, school & beyond.

Coloured flames

Learn how the colours of fireworks really work

Magic burning trick

How does the substance not burn, yet everything else does?

Whoosh bottle

Learn how combustion chambers really work

Flour fireball

A spectacular way to learn about the fire triangle

Tea bag rocket

Hot air rises... and so does this rocket

Hands on fire

Yes, you read that correctly... safely learn about how insulation works!

Water balloon & candle

Why doesn't it pop?

Sparkler science

Why do sparklers work and what are the chemical changes?

Hydrogen pop

Highly explosive hydrogen under controlled conditions

A science presenter lighting a fire inside a giant water bottle


We cannot run this without the fire alarms isolated

For safety this cannot be run outside

Appropriate for Years 3 to 6 with a maximum of 60 students per session

Two tables in a well-ventilated area

Chairs are not required

Duration 45 minutes, set up time 30 minutes and pack up time 30 minutes

For us to provide the best possible learning experience, the materials used during the presentation may be varied to suit the conditions and the audience. Please chat with our presenter if there is a particular focus that you’d like us to cover.

During Social Distancing – Contact us
and we’ll tailor a program to suit both your school and the State’s social distancing requirements. Further details here

We're a COVID SAFE Company

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Did you know about our larger stage shows?

Designed to engage groups of up to 240 students, pair this workshop with one of these school favourites!

Big Science Big Fun

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Destination Moon

Food Science Show

Deep Blue Oceans


$660 GST Free for a 45-minute show

Available as an online class anywhere in the world.
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Print a PDF for mapping of all our K to 6 science visits

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