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Biology & Environmental Science Experiments

Just head to the shops and pick up the materials!

Use these free biology science experiments to support your classroom teaching or simply just a fun science activity for the kids on the weekend!
  • Casts their prints
  • Who goes there?

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  • Who likes which bean?
  • Charles Darwin would be proud

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  • Look after marine life
  • Easy to do!

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  • Biology kits for class & home
  • Explore your natural world

    biology science kits
  • Use old PET bottles
  • Great long term experiment

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  • Make them a home!
  • Learn about nutrient cycling

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  • Determine water turbidty
  • Easy to make

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  • Look after our world
  • Weekend activity for kids

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  • Low phosphorus suds
  • Reduce your impact

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  • Save energy & feel good
  • It'll save money too!

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  • Recycle kitchen scraps
  • Improve your garden

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  • Learn the chemical reason...
  • Great to know for BBQ's!

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  • Osmosis taught easily
  • Uses materials from the kitchen!

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  • Get DNA from household materials
  • Easy to do!

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  • Control the Sun's rays
  • Get cooking!

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  • Considerations for class
  • Perceptions really can vary

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  • Science in the outdoors
  • Grab some adults & go!

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School Science Visits: 

  • Highly engaging & curriculum-linked
  • Additional Teacher Support Resources
  • Professional visits in-class or via video conference
  • Both Primary School & High School science incursions
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