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Make coloured petals!

Make coloured petals!

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You will need:

  • Different coloured food dyes e.g. red, yellow, green and blue
  • Flowering plants with white petals e.g. Carnations
  • Scissors
  • Running water
  • Four jars of water


Make coloured petals science experiment - materials needed
1 Make coloured petals science experiment - pouring food colouring into a cup

Mix each jar of water with a strong solution of food dye.

2 Make coloured petals science experiment - running a cut plant stem under water

With an adult, cut the stems of each flower under running water.

3 Make coloured petals science experiment - flowers at the start of the experiment

Place a cut flower stem in each of the coloured liquids

4 Make coloured petals science experiment - finished result

Which colour shows through the petals the best?

5 A student watching a purple liquid fizz

Why Does This Happen

Plant stems have bundles of tubes inside them called ‘vascular bundles’.

When leaves and petals lose water to the air, the water must be replaced.

Eventually, the coloured liquid must be pulled through the stems to replace the lost water being lost, colouring the leaf tips and flower petals. This process is ‘transpiration’.

Vascular bundles that carry water from the roots to the leaves are called XYLEM. It was those vascular bundles that were transporting the coloured water up the flower stem. Try splitting the stem in middle and placing the ‘two stems’ in different coloured solutions. Can you make a flower with two colours or more?

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