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Family Fun – Cup Stacking Challenge

Family Fun – Cup Stacking Challenge

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You will need

  • 10 plastic cups per person
  • Optional –  A leaderboard, pen and a stopwatch


A man stacking red cups in a pyramid
1 10 red cups stacking into a pyramid of 4 levels

The challenge

  1. Start with a pyramid stack of cups as shown for each contestant.
  2. Bring the cups all together in one stack
  3. Stack the cups back into the pyramid as shown in the shortest amount of time!
2 Hot or cold water freezing speed science experiment - stopwatch

Have a stopwatch ready to record the cup stacker’s time!

Who has the fastest time?

3 Student using the gyroscope

Why is this science?

Family fun – the cup stacking challenge! from Fizzics Education on Vimeo.

On average, the average human reaction time is 0.20 and 0.035 seconds, depending on which journal article you read. Not only do you have to contend with having fast reaction time, you also need to have awesome hand to eye coordination as well as high concentration skills to be the winner of this competition!

Variables to try

  • Try different size cups.
  • try different materials of cups
  • Try different numbers of cups

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