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10 Science experiments for toddlers

10 Science experiments for toddlers

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Are there science experiments that a 2-year-old could do? Absolutely! Young children are rapidly learning about their world through their 5 senses and as such you can easily provide rich experiences that show how the world works just by targeting sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Beyond looking at the five senses, consider how you can teach toddlers about simple science such as pull and push/float and sink/hot and cold and more. The more you expose young kids to scientific concepts at an early age, the more you set them up for the future!

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When running science experiments with toddlers you do need to be aware of the materials that you are using; are they likely to cause an allergy issue or are there small parts that could cause a choking hazard. The following lists a variety of safe experiments that work very well with toddlers and early learners, although to be honest you can easily use these in primary school too!

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