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Educhange 2017 wrap up – Part 3!

Educhange 2017 wrap up – Part 3!

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It’s the final day at Educhange! More ice cream, more experiments, and making more friends! Roaming around the beautiful Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building there was still more take in. First up, I came across Lemonade Stand, a business school for kids! They are based in Melbourne, specialising in entrepreneurship workshops. The team tells me that the programme is designed to help children aged 9 to 12 develop enterprise skills, so they will be ready for the future!

  • lemonade stand business school for kids 5 people in green shirts standing in front of banners
  • Chatting to the team at Lemonade Stand!


Stephanie from Girl Geek Academy came over to our stall to see what all the commotion was about, and was rewarded with some ice cream! These ladies are all about helping girls become more tech-savvy, and encouraging women to create their own startups!


  • Stephanie from girl geek academy drinking from a branded coffee cup
  • Making friends with other Girl Geeks!


At midday on the main stage, our Holly gave an awesome talk in front of hundreds of educators…….in costume, no less! And in true Fizzics style, full of demos with DIY gadgets!



Check out the full presentation below…


One of the many great things we keep hearing about Educhange 2017 was how well all the exhibitors got along. Everyone was hanging out at each other’s stalls networking, or simply having a bit of fun! Here’s Kira from Champion Life (Health and fitness online resource for schools) playing with a magnet wall by Mud Kitchen.


  • Kira from champion life playing with magnet wall ball pipe wooden slides from mud kitchen
  • Which way will the ball roll?

We also made friends with Cam from Green Hat Workshop. How? Because he asked us to blow up one of his epic structures built entirely out of stacked wooden planks! Not knowing exactly what would happen, the Fizzics team decided the best course of action was to use a liquid nitrogen balloon bomb for this demolition job! Check out some footage from the experiment here:


Educhange 2017 has been a wonderfully immersive experience. It is incredibly heartwarming to meeting so many like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about education as we are. We look forward to seeing all the teachers we had the pleasure of meeting over the next school year, and all the exhibitors at the next conference!

Happy teaching,
Jaqueline Kao

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