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Fire-Ed Up Challenge

Fire-Ed Up Challenge

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Join the Fire-Ed Up challenge to explore the world of bushfires through STEM! Delve deep into their impacts, learn how STEM aids in mitigation, and be inspired for a future in bushfire management.

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Students in Years 5 – 10 will have 6-weeks to complete a STEM-based design sprint focused on challenges posed by bushfires and the Australian bushfire management sector. Teams will select from a set of 3 scenarios and design a solution presented either as a 90-second video pitch or poster.

  1. Understand bushfire consequences.
  2. Develop STEM skills.
  3. Discover careers in bushfire management.
  4. Engage with the community & raise awareness.
  5. Win prizes for your school.

Free Teacher Resources

There is a comprehensive set of resources that have been developed by the Fire-Ed Up team that are available from the Fire-Ed Up website.

2023 Fire-Ed Up Challenge Scenarios

Your students choose one of the following scenarios;

1. New technologies driving bushfire innovations

From drones to satellites, there are many technologies being developed to reduce the impact of bushfires. Explore what is available and think of new ways that technology can be utilised in your community to reduce bushfire impact.

2. Protecting human life & property from bushfires

How can you protect life and property in the face of a bushfire? What is feasible? How can you prevent severe damage or even stop it from occurring in the first place? Learn how government agencies, researchers and innovators are working together to mitigate against disaster.

 3. Protecting fauna & flora from bushfires

Bushfires can be devastating to local ecosystems. Discover what is being done to help our habitats in the face of severe bushfires.

Important Dates

Start Date: 9 October 2023

End Date: 30 November 2024

Cost: Free


Fire-Ed Up is funded by the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer, developed from Central Coast Council’s Award Winning program. Delivered by Hunter Innovation and Science Hub and managed by Sleap Business Consultants in collaboration with Fizzics Education.

Calendar of Events

HIGH SCHOOL Science@Home 4-Week Membership 12PM: March 2024

Feb 26, 2024 - Mar 29, 2024

12PM - 12PM

Price: $50 - $900

PRIMARY Science@Home 4-Week Membership 2PM: March 2024

Feb 26, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024

2PM - 2PM

Price: $50 - $900

Light and Colour Online Workshop, Jan 18 PM

Jan 18, 2024

2PM - 3PM

Price: $50

Light and Colour Online Workshop, Jan 18 AM

Jan 18, 2024

9AM - 11AM

Price: $50

Lego Robotics, Sydney Olympic Park Jan 2024

Jan 24, 2024

9AM - 12PM

Price: $50

Creative Coding, Sydney Olympic Park Jan 2024

Jan 24, 2024

1PM - 4PM

Price: $50

Creative Coding, Sydney Olympic Park July 11 2023

Jul 11, 2023

9AM - 4PM

Price: $100

Fizzics Education STEAM Day: Robots vs Dinosaurs, Lalor, Apr 14

Apr 14, 2023

9AM - 12PM

Price: $45 - $50

Creative Coding, Sydney Olympic Park April 14 2023

Apr 14, 2023

9AM - 4PM

Price: $100

Science@Home After School 4-Week Membership: March 2023

Mar 06, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023

4PM - 5PM

Price: $40 - $1200



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