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Preschool Science Visits

A Christmas show for early learners! Heaps of fun and designed for preschoolers & parent visitors. Perfect for end of year celebrations... find out more!

Early learners love marble runs! Using large wooden balls and ramps, your preschoolers will explore how things move in a fun science visit at your centre.

Full year program
Covers developing skills in early learners, common science misconceptions & more
Over 50 practical experiments, complete with craft, book & song ideas
Nearly 3.5 hours of video instruction with captions
Downloadable experiment sheets, risk assessments, reflections, material lists & planning guides
Aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework
Includes certificate on course completion

We often hear from preschool teachers of their need for more support to create consistently effective science learning. This workshop trains and equips early learning educators to design and deliver awesome science lessons that directly address the new curriculum with easily accessible and cost-effective materials.

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