Collaborations / Partners / Projects with Fizzics Education


EYAS and Fizzics Education Projects

Establishment of science clubs in Guangdong Province, China, 2015.

A picture of the Exolanb growth chamber over an image of the Earth's horizon Projects

Australian lead for the Magnitude growth experiment on the International Space Station. High schools & primary schools from around the world emulate the same experiment as that on the ISS and compare data in near real-time.

Huge fog cloud over a science presentation desk Projects

A girl wearing a hard hat , in fire uniform, with stylised fire behind her Projects

Co-curation of the Fire-Ed Up bushfire STEM in schools project. Fire-Ed Up is funded by the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer, developed from Central Coast Council’s Award Winning program. Delivered by Hunter Innovation and Science Hub and managed by Sleap Business Consultants.

FutureStemGen logo, showing cartoon drawings of the Sun, flowers, indigenous drawings and technology Projects

Project technical support and advice for FutureStemGen, a 2021 & 2022 project to empower youth from low socioeconomic status regions to gain leadership and STEM skills and address local and global challenges. Students work with STEM maker kits for projects that genuinely contribute to their community, themed around smart gardens, sustainable energy sources (dye-sensitised solar cells, biodiesel from algae) and water purification.


Robotics & electronics during the Girls Tech Day with AWS & Inspiring the Future. December 9, 2019


Facilitation of the Indigenous Science Experience 2020 Online events curated by the National Indigenous Science Education Program during National Science Week. This National Science Week event is organised by the National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP), Macquarie University, and Redfern Community Centre. It is made possible through the support of Inspiring Australia and grant funding from the Australian Government

Two aliens sitting at cocktail table on Mars Projects

Intergalactic Brews & Cosmic Views as part of National Science Week 2023 on Aug 20th at the Newcastle Museum

3 large stylised rockets with stripes against a night sky Projects

It’s Not Rocket Science science workshops amongst art installations in shopping centers for the GPT Group


A livestream presentation for Kmart Australia for National Science Week 2020.

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