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Create A Buzz!

Create A Buzz!

Fun electricity & magnetism holiday workshop

Explore electricity and magnetism!

This engaging 1 hour workshop allows your children to investigate electricity circuits and magnetism activities.

Find out the difference between series and parallel circuits, how do magnets work and how are these linked together? See 100,000 volts discharged in a flash and conduct electricity through the palm of your hand – a ‘hair raising’ experience! Predict the movement of magnets based on their polarity. What different types of circuits are there? Race super magnets through conductors and more…

The workshop covers static and current electricity, magnetic repulsion and attraction, electromagnetism, simple circuits and renewable energies.

Available as a holiday program within Australia or as a video conference to any vacation center around the globe!

Online Class Version

We’ve run live interactive distance programs since 2010 and are highly experienced in making online classes engaging for kids on a variety of web conferencing platforms.

  • All of the activities listed below will be covered during the conference.
  • Upon booking, you will receive a PDF outlining the materials that you can have on hand to make the workshop more interactive. It’s not a problem if you can’t source all of the materials, as we’ll have these on hand for the workshop
  • Full child protections are in place
  • We usually connect to classes & homes via Zoom, however if you wish to use a different software we can work with you on getting the connection live. Please see our Online Science Classes & Conditions
  • Simply connect your device to a data projector or TV for kids onsite to see the program. We can also cater for kids joining form there home too!

If you connect with us via Zoom

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Are you a Vacation Care Centre?

Every holiday period, Fizzics Education present holiday programs workshops for local council libraries, vacation care centres, OOSHC and at our own venues. These workshops are designed to cater for a wide range of ages, even the adults join in! Book early to avoid disappointment. A school holiday program treat!

To check out our vacation care center science programs...

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Bumper Cars

Magnetic North and South Poles in a different way!

Van de Graf hair rise

Opposite charges attract, like charges repel...

Magnetic Fields

Observe the iron shapes formed by the magnet

Levitating Larry

Why can you make him float?

Circuit Constructor

Can you make the bulb light up? What about the buzzer?

Skill Tester

Guide your loop along the wire. Don’t be the switch!

Hand Generator

Create a buzz with the hand driven dynamo!

Traffic Light

Make all of the lights turn on in this electronic puzzle.

Resist the flow

What does electrical resistance look like?

Electric Fleas

Create a static charge to make them move!

Magnetic Mayhem

Place all of the magnetic balls on the square. Good luck!

Sweaty hands

There is salt in sweat? Does salt conduct electricity?

The Pendulum

Predict which way the magnet will swing

Is it Iron?

Discover which materials are attracted to magnets


Make a magnet turn on and off

Lemon Clock

Make a clock turn on with fruit power!

Finding North

Use the magnet to show where north is

Magnet Racing

Race the supermagnets down the tubes, which will win?

Twisted TV

How do magnetic fields affect electrical appliances?


  • Appropriate for children aged 7 years and up.
  • Maximum 30 kids.
  • 10 to 12 tables arranged around the edge of the room.
  • Access to electrical power required.
  • Duration 60 or 90 minutes.

During Social Distancing – Contact us
and we’ll tailor a program to suit both your school and the State’s social distancing requirements. Further details here

We're a COVID SAFE Company


  • $450 inc. GST for 60 minutes or $540 for 90 minutes per workshop
  • Available as a video conference at $180 inc. GST per class anywhere around the world.
  • Call 1300 856 828, or use this form to enquire or make a booking for your site.

For sites outside of metropolitan areas please contact us to discuss how this workshop can visit your site as part of a regional visit. We don’t charge per site as we know that this causes an additional administrative load on your office. Most sites tend to fill the science workshops & shows based on our recommended maximum number of students. If you have any questions please contact us.

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