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Podcast: Space biology with Scarlett Li-Williams

Podcast: Space biology with Scarlett Li-Williams


We chat with Scarlett Li-Williams, a postgraduate research student (MPhil) at the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales who is also working on the upcoming ASBX Australian Space Biology x Health Summit 2021 as well as with her team at S.A.A.S Missions at the Australian Centre of Astrobiology.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

More about Scarlett Li-Williams

Scarlett LI-Williams wearing a red jumper at rocky coastal area

Scarlett’s masters focus is looking at genetics for investigating biodiversity and using bioinformatics tools & genetic analysis for management of invasive deer populations in Australia. In addition, she has a fascination with space sciences and conducts volunteer research projects with her team at Science & Agriculture Applications in Space (S.A.A.S) Missions at the Australian Centre of Astrobiology. SAAS Missions is a team comprising of undergraduate and postgraduate students, founded at UNSW by Scarlett in 2018 and has student members from all over Sydney. The team’s goal is to conduct research projects of biological systems in space, with a large focus on hands-on, self-taught education through conducting independent research as students collaborate from a variety of fields including computer science, engineers, ecology, medical sciences, business and more. In addition, S.A.A.S Mission conducts STEAM outreach and education workshops to students around Australia and collaborates with scientists and educators around the globe!

In addition, Scarlett has taken part in science communication events, outreach programs and Women in STEAM panels and talks, as well as worked with science organizations around the world including the Young Scientist Journal and the British Science Association. She spends her spare time as a freelance graphic designer, science writer and wildlife artist and photographer, See her online portfolio at www.studiesinscarlett.com

Interested in getting involved in any space-related biology projects or workshops for students at undergrad/high school level? Or want to know more about Scarlett’s journey into science? Feel free to reach out to Scarlett at scarlett.liwilliams@hotmail.com

If you are a student or teacher interested in taking part in a space-related competition and submissions for talks and presentations, as well as hearing from speakers within the space industry from around the globe, come along to the upcoming ASBX Australian Space Biology x Health Summit 2021! Reach out to Scarlett at s.li-williams@unsw.edu.au for more information or register for FREE on the website for the event!

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Hosted by Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome


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