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Podcast: Australian Space Biology X Health Summit

Podcast: Australian Space Biology X Health Summit


Find out about ASBX, the world’s biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, scientists, researchers, astronauts, academics across the world of space biology and health technologies. We speak with Dr Joshua Chou who is one of the organizers from the University of Technology Sydney.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

More about ASBX

The Australian Space Biology Symposium (ASBS) was established in 2019 with the vision of bringing together the international research and industry community in order to bridge the gap between basic science and technology for humans in space. In turn, these technologies can be applied here on Earth. This year, the Australian Space Biology x Health Summit (ASBX) hopes to inspire our audience yet again to “think further” about the big questions of humanity and space. What exactly is the next big discovery waiting in space biology? Similarly in 2020, the first Australian Space Health Symposium (ASHS) embraced the theme of “how to thrive, not just survive”. These two paths have converged in ASBX 2021.

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More about Dr Joshua Chou

Dr Joshua Chou headshot

One of Australia’s leading exponents of space biology and health, Dr Joshua Chou is passionate about finding new ways to deal with debilitating diseases by applying engineering principles to unanswered biological questions. A senior lecturer and Group Leader in the School of Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering & IT (FEIT) at UTS, Joshua’s innovative research focuses on developing different biological tools to understand cellular and disease mechanotransduction. He is a Charlie Teo Fellow, with a two-year grant to use space biology to disable some of the hardest cancers to fight, including brain cancer.

Joshua was awarded the Australia Space Award Researcher of the Year in 2020 and was a 2021 finalist for the UTS Chancellor’s Medal for Research Excellence for his work leveraging the unique properties of microgravity in space to understand physical properties of the living cell and their impact in health and disease. Joshua also is the driving force behind the Chou Collective, a multidisciplinary and highly skilled team of students from FEIT and the Faculty of Science at UTS. The Collective works at the interface of biology, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering and materials science to develop novel solutions in the treatment and understanding of diseases.

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Hosted by Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome


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