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Marvellous mixtures

Marvellous mixtures

Discover the types of separation techniques in a variety of mixtures

What really is a mixture?

In this hands-on science workshop your primary students will investigate all manner of suspensions, colloids and solutions to find out different ways of separating mixtures such as:

  • Filtration & chromatography
  • Magnetism & centrifugation
  • Evaporation, chemical separation and more

Are these separations physical techniques or chemical techniques?

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NSW Science Syllabus Content
A student:

identifies that objects are made of materials that have observable properties

identifies that materials can be changed or combined

describes how the properties of materials determine their use

NSW K – 10 Science Syllabus mapping for all our incursions

School Testimonials

Carey Baptist Grammar School

We would definitely book this again!

St Andrews Malabar

The experiments were great!

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Science Show Demonstrations


Investigate the properties of this colloidal mixture


Use magnets to find fortified iron in a common food!

my water

How do natural filters help to keep our water catchments clean?


Shake the bottle and the beads mix...wait a minute... they separate & then recombine!


Apply chromatography to separate inks in the pens


Mixtures tend to become homogenous...lets prove it!


Use a kitchen chemistry to create a swirling colourful mixture as it separates


Combine simple household ingredients to create a retro experiment


Make the spinners go to spin out the water!


Appropriate for Years K to 2 with a maximum of 30 students per class

Access to 1 electrical power socket and 10 tables arranged around the room

Chairs are not required

Duration 60 minutes, set up time 45 minutes and pack up time 45 minutes

For us to provide the best possible learning experience, the materials used during the presentation may be varied to suit the conditions and the audience. Please chat
with our presenter if there is a particular focus that you’d like us to cover.


$390 inc. GST for a 60-minute workshop

$480 inc. GST for a 90-minute workshop

Minimum school science visit cost is $480 inc. GST per day

In a regional area? Find out how we can attend your school as part of a country science tour!

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Extension Ideas!

Extension Ideas!

Scientist Q & A

Often students attend our science workshops and shows with questions that stem beyond the covered topic area. Ask a scientist aims to give students a chance to get their questions answered! Run as a 30-minute session at a cost of $70 inc. GST.

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