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The coin battery experiment

The coin battery experiment

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You will need:

One bowl of vinegar

Nineteen strips of paper, 3cm square in size

Ten ‘silver’ coins…it’s not really silver, it’s mainly Zinc

Ten copper coins

A test subject!


The Coin Battery Experiment Science Experiment - setup_materials
1 The Coin Battery Experiment Science Experiment - soaking paper in vinegar

Moisten the strips of paper in the vinegar

2 The Coin Battery Experiment Science Experiment - vinegar-soaked paper in between silver and nickel coins

Stack together a column of coins and vinegar soaked paper, alternating between each material in the following order; copper coin, paper and silver coin.


Moisten your fingertips in vinegar.

4 The Coin Battery Experiment Science Experiment - getting zapped by coin battery

Hold the column, on its ends, between your vinegar soaked fingers.

Feel a buzz?

Why Does This Happen?

You just made a wet cell battery. A battery usually contains two types of metals separated by an acid. A chemical reaction between the two metals produces an electric current that continues until one of the metals is used up.

You can find wet cell batteries in cars. But don’t experiment with them, the electricity within a car battery can be very dangerous.

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