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Electricity & Magnetism Experiments

Balancing compass

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Create a simple compass using 4 materials! Simple to make and easy for kids of all ages.

Rising ghosts halloween experiment

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A halloween science experiment for kids! Make the ghosts rise with a little bit of static electricity... so easy to do! Find out more...

The coin battery experiment

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Coin battery experiment

Safe electrochemistry

Bend Water

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Bend water to your will

Did you know water carries charges?

A Simple Lemon Battery

Comments 8

Turn your fruit into batteries!

Applied chemistry experiment

Create a motor

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Create a simple motor that works!

Its all about electromagnetism

Sticky Static Balloons

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Very easy to setup

Positive & negative attract

Electrostatic Soda Can Attractor

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An attractive experiment!

Static charge science project

Make Your Own Electromagnet

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Make a magnet easily

Home science experiment

Soda Can Electroscope

Comments 5

Determine charge polarity

Use with adult supervision

Make A Simple Compass

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Made from simple materials

Point out magnetic north

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