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Find you Blind Spot

Find you Blind Spot

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Find your blindspot science experiment - materials needed
1 Find your blindspot science experiment - completed test card

Benham’s disc example that you can make yourself

Print the picture shown or make your own on paper.

2 Find your blindspot science experiment - using the test card

Hold the paper up to your face, so that the cross is in front of your right eye.

The picture of the ‘target’ should be to the right of your face. Close your left eye. Focusing on the cross, slowly move the paper away from your face.


As you move the page away from your face, you notice that at some point you can’t see the ‘target’ within your peripheral vision; you’ve found where your blind is!

Why Does This Happen?

The blind spot occurs due to the structure of the eye. When light travels reaches the back of the eye, it’s wavelength is interpreted by the group of cells collectively called the retina.

In the middle of the retina is an area called the fovea, a place where many blood vessels are located. As there are no cells that detect light within the fovea, there is a natural ‘blind spot’ created in your field of vision. Luckily your eye moves up to 3 times a second, adjusting for this blind spot!

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